Summer Love

Summer hasn't thought about what happened all those years ago for a very long time, but those memories are forced back to her when her 17-year-old daughter, Darcy, needs to write a story based on something that actually happened. As these memories come back, will Summer have to re-think everything she did that summer and in the end, did she make the right choice?


17. Moving On

Summer Love

Chapter Sixteen – Moving On


Diana and I were studying in the library when I boy, about 6’2 walked up to us,

“Excuse me, are you in my creative writing class with Mr. Monty?”

“Um, yea. I am. I’m Summer, Summer Mason.” I replied, offering out my hand. The boy took it and gave it a shake,

“Hey, I’m Noah Doyle. Anyways, I’m not doing all that great in his class and he told me to find you because you were one of his best students. I was wondering if maybe you could give me a hand with the final summative?”

I looked over at Diana, but all she did was mouth “He’s cute.”

I looked back up at Noah, “Sure. I’d love to help you. How about we meet here tonight at nine?”

“Okay, sounds good. I will see you tonight at nine.” Noah said with a smile and then walked away.

“Wow, he’s really cute.” Diana said.

“Yea, I guess he’s not bad.” I replied.

“Well, if this whole tutoring thing works out, maybe you two will end up together. He’s an author like you.”

“I guess.”


I worked with Noah every night to help him with his assignment. We really got to know each other. He has four brothers and a sister and he is from New York City. He also knows about Harry and I. I was really enjoying his company, and finally a week later, Noah asked me out on a date. I said yes.


Three weeks later, we were having a Starbucks date when I saw the flash of a camera. I looked in the direction the flash came from, and of course, there were paparazzi there. Noah looked at me, confused,

“Why are they taking pictures of us?”

I looked up at Noah, “I’m Harry Styles’ ex-girlfriend. You are the first boy I’ve been seen with other than him, they want a story. They want something to publish in their magazines and if we carry on with this relationship we are going to be harassed by them all the time. Look Noah, I never thought this would happen, but I am really starting to fall for you, so if these paparazzi are a deal breaker for you, please just leave now so that I don’t get too hu-”

Noah cut me off by leaning over the table and pressing his lips against mine. There weren’t fireworks like with Harry and me, but there were defiantly sparks. Cameras were flashing everywhere, but neither of us cared. Noah and I finally broke the kiss and he looked me in the eyes,

“Summer, I’m falling for you too, so I want to call you mine before Styles is able to come back and take you from me. So Summer, will you be my girlfriend?.”

I smiled and nodded, “I’d be honored Noah.”


The next day it was the cover of People Magazine with two headlines. The first was ‘Summer’s New Man: Noah. They are official!’ and ‘How do you think Harry is dealing with it?’

Inside the magazine, the article had Noah and I’s entire conversation in it as well as what a bunch of people thought Harry’s reaction would be. I closed the magazine and walked away with a smile on my face because honestly, I didn’t care. Harry and I broke up, a few weeks ago; he had been dating Taylor Swift. I’m allowed to date too. As of today, I am starting fresh. No more thinking about Harry. Now I’m just enjoying university, my best friend and my amazing boyfriend. I’m moving on


It was Friday night, so I was off of school. I was pondering on what to do, Diana was on some journalism trip this weekend so I couldn’t hang out with her. Noah had gone home for the weekend. Tonight I really didn’t feel like partying and I have no homework this weekend. I decided I would check up on Twitter and other social medias because I haven’t been on any of that stuff for a while.

First I went on my instagram, I took a selfie and then a picture of my dorm room, which instantly got thousands of likes. Next I went on Facebook, where I really only had a few messages from my friends and family. I noticed I also had one from Liam that just said ‘we wanted to say hi. We ALL miss you so much. And congrats on your new boyfriend. He seems like a good guy <3’

That was the first time I had heard from any of them since the day I left. After reading that last sentence, I felt uncomfortable. I now know that Harry knows about Noah and for some reason that is really bothering me. I tried to push that odd feeling away and I sent Liam a quick reply, ‘miss you too. P.s. LOVE the new album. Summer Love and Still the one are my favorite :)’

Finally I went on Twitter, I had 2 million followers. Wow, you date a celeb and everyone wants to follow you. I probably followed back about 200 people tonight and my mentions EXPLODED with thank yous from the fans. I was scrolling through my feed when I noticed an article that had been tweeted titled, STYLES CAN’T MOVE ON, and of course because I am nosy, I clicked it and read it and it began with Harry’s solo in Still the One:


“I tried, I tried to start again and find somebody

But I remember all the times and all the words we said, yeah

I can't get it out of my head, yeah.

One Direction member, Harry Styles, has been seen with lots of women since ‘Sarry’ aka Harry Styles and Summer Mason broke up. Harry had been seen with Taylor Swift and model Cara Delevingne as well as god knows how many one night stands. Lately though, everyone is believing that in Harry’s eyes, Summer is Still the One, even though the feeling may not be mutual. It seems that Summer and her new boyfriend, classmate Noah Doyle are going very strong. I was talking to Directioners at a signing the other day, and they were all saying things like ‘Summer and Harry were meant to be.’ Or ‘You can see it in his eyes, Harry isn’t nearly half as happy with any of those other girls like he was when he was with Summer.’ But one fan said something to me that stuck out: ‘Sarry met in the oddest, stupidest way possible: Our curly-haired idiot ran into the poor girl. So I honestly believe that another weird and stupid thing is going to happen and will bring them back together. I know it.’

Countless paparazzi and talk show hosts have been trying to get Harry to explain to them how he is currently feeling about Summer, because no one believes him when he says that he has moved on 110%. Finally, Harry tweeted yesterday this:
@Harry_Styles: Doing a twitcam tomorrow night.

So tonight, millions of fans will be tuning in to see what Harry has to say.

Will you?”


“No, I won’t,” I thought. I didn’t want to see Harry’s face, even just over a computer and like he’d say anything about me anyways. His management would kill him. I wonder if he knows that I know about that. Did the boys tell him? Did Louis tell him I love him? I don’t know. I felt tears in the corners of my eyes. Truth is, I have been lying to myself. I constantly tell myself that I’ve moved on from that summer. I tell that to Kristy too, but I know she doesn’t believe me. I don’t even believe me anymore. I wanted to tune into the Twitcam, just to see what he was going to say. Just to hear his voice or see his face. I went to his Twitter and as my mouse was right overtop of the link to his Twitcam, I quickly closed my laptop and walked over to my bed and sat down and cried. I honestly don’t believe what that article said, that Harry hadn’t moved on. I was just some average girl who had an extraordinary summer with an amazing boy. I get up and observe myself in the mirror. My straight red hair was so flat, my brown eyes were dull and I was so skinny it was kind of sickening. I try to put on weight, but I just can’t, it’s genetics. Both Cara and Taylor are beautiful and he probably loved them more than he ever did me.

It was late and I was tiered, so I threw on Harry’s shirt, I wear it whenever I’m sad, and some trackpants and drifted of to sleep.

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