Summer Love

Summer hasn't thought about what happened all those years ago for a very long time, but those memories are forced back to her when her 17-year-old daughter, Darcy, needs to write a story based on something that actually happened. As these memories come back, will Summer have to re-think everything she did that summer and in the end, did she make the right choice?


15. Management

Summer Love

Chapter Fourteen – Management


“You… you what?” I said and quickly backed away from him. He tried to reach for me, but I just backed away even more.


“No, just no Harry. I cannot believe you did this.”
“Summer, I’m so sorry. Please just forgive me. Things can’t end like this. I just had to tell you because I felt that you deserved to know. I love you, please-” he tried to give me a hug and because I couldn’t back up anymore, he successfully wrapped his arms around me. I wanted to return the hug, but instead I pushed him away.

“NO HARRY! Just let go! I hate you. I never want to see your face again.” I said and then went inside and slammed the door in his face. I never would’ve thought that I would hate Harry. I’m not even sure that I actually do, maybe I was just mad. That doesn’t matter though. I defiantly didn’t want to see him right now. I pressed my ear against the door and realized Harry hadn’t left yet. I could still hear his faint sobs through the door. After a few minutes though, I heard his footsteps become more and more faint, then eventually I heard a car engine start and I knew that Harry was gone. That’s when I finally let the tears come. I leaned up against the door and slid down as I buried my head in my hands and sobbed uncontrollably. Harry was my world. I loved him more than anything and now he’s cheated on me. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I looked up, expecting to see Sandra or Kristy, but was shocked when I saw my dad,

“Summer? What’s wrong sweetie?”
“Harry and broke up. He-he cheated on me.”

My dad came over to me and sat down. He wrapped his arms around me, “Aw, I’m so sorry sweetheart. He doesn’t deserve you.”

“You aren’t going to say I told you so?”

“No. I’m not going to. Because with Harry, I never would’ve seen this coming.”

“I know. Neither did I. I guess it’s good I’m off to Yale. I can meet new people.”
“Yea. Speaking of Yale, you should go to bed. You leave tomorrow and you will probably want to get up early.”
“You’re right. Goodnight dad. I love you.” I sobbed

“I love you too sweetheart.”


I quickly went upstairs, took off my dress and makeup and went to put on my pajamas. As I looked through my drawer, a shirt caught my eye. It was the shirt Harry had given me. I picked it up and held it close. It had been washed, but there was still the faint scent of Harry that lingered on it. It was the last piece of Harry I had, so I threw on the shirt one last time.

When I got in bed, I started replaying over the events of the day, but a few events were replaying in my head constantly: Harry saying he cheated on me… my dad saying he never saw this coming… and Danielle telling me about the time her and Liam broke up.


And then it hit me square in the face. Danielle told me that Liam’s management made Liam tell her something that she could barely believe. I could barely believe that Harry had cheated on me. Neither could my dad. Finally all of my questions were answered:

Who had been on the phone with Harry?
Why had he been crying?
Who wanted us to break up?

What had made Harry cheat or at least tell me he cheated on me?

The answer was right there in front of me in bright letters: MANAGEMENT.


As soon as I got up the next morning, I sprinted over to the boys’ house and knocked on their door. Finally after a few minutes that felt like a few hours, I heard someone unlock the door from the other side. I was hoping it would be Harry, but it wasn’t. The door opened and I found myself facing Liam.

“Summer? What are you doing here?” he asked, stunned to see me.

“I know it was management. I know Harry really didn’t cheat on me. I know you guys leave today and so do I and I didn’t want things to end between me and Harry the way they did. I want to tell him I know the truth. Can I talk to him please?”

A sad look washed over Liam’s face, “Summer, listen, I really want to let you in so you can go and talk to him, but I can’t.”
“And why not Liam?”

He looked at me with a glance of complete sorrow, “Harry left for the UK last night?”

I couldn’t believe it. He left already? Why? Why would he?

“No Liam. Please tell me you’re kidding. Please! I am begging here.”

“I wish I could tell you I was kidding, but I can’t.”

“W-Why did he go last night if you guys were leaving this morning?” I sobbed.

“Harry came home from his date with you last night, the tears streaming down his face. He ran straight up to his room and we followed him. He was throwing all of his stuff in his suitcase mumbling ‘I’m such an idiot’. When he finally noticed us, we asked him what happened and he said that he did the stupid thing of believing management that really hurting you was best for you. He talked about how hurt your face was and how much he loves you and hates himself and thinks you hate him. Ten minutes later, he was gone.”

When Liam finished, I turned around and went and sat down on the boys’ front steps. Liam came and joined me. A few seconds later, I heard six other feet walk up behind me and then felt the boys wrap their arms around me.

“I’m never going to get the chance to tell him that I don’t hate him. That I know the truth. That I love him. I’ll never be able to tell him any of that stuff ever.”

“Summer, I can assure you that deep in Harry’s heart, he knows.” Louis comforted me.

“Yea, and if you and Haz were meant to be, then something, even the craziest event in the world is going to push you two together. I promise.” Zayn said

“I guess you guys are right,” I managed to choke out, “My flight leaves soon. I guess I should go.”
“Yea, we have to finish cleaning and packing.” Niall said. I got up and gave them all a hug.

“I love you guys.” I whispered.

“We love you too,” the four of them said in union. I turned to walk away, but then I remembered what I had in my purse. I pulled out the t-shirt and walked up to Louis, the only one of them who was still outside,

“Can you give this back to Harry? He gave this to me at the beginning of the summer and I never got it back to him.” I said as I handed it to him. He took it for a moment, but then handed it back to me,

“Harry would want you to have it. He’d want you to still have a piece of him.”

I took the shirt back. I still wanted a piece of Harry too. Before I walked away, I asked Lou a final question,

“Can you tell him I love him?”

“I won’t tell him as soon as we get home. I’ll tell him at a time where he’ll need news like that to make him smile.”

“Alright. Goodbye Lou. Love you.” I said as I gave him a final hug.

“I love you too. And remember, no man will ever love you half as much as Harry does.”
For the first time in 12 hours, I smiled, because I know that what Louis is saying is true.

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