Summer Love

Summer hasn't thought about what happened all those years ago for a very long time, but those memories are forced back to her when her 17-year-old daughter, Darcy, needs to write a story based on something that actually happened. As these memories come back, will Summer have to re-think everything she did that summer and in the end, did she make the right choice?


8. I approve

Summer Love

Chapter Seven


**Two Weeks Later**


  So, so far, only Sandra and Kristy knew about Harry and mine’s relationship… and the paparazzi were catching on too. They had lots of pictures of us holding hands and even a few of us kissing, so they were shipping us ‘Sarry Stason’ Sarry because of Summer + Harry and Stason because of Styles + Mason. But my dad, who practically lives under a rock hasn’t seen the tabloids and everytime I go to hang out with Harry, he thinks I’m going out with my new friends Eleanor, Perrie and Danielle. I was pretty happy, most of the fans seemed to like me and they thought that I made Harry really happy. Yes there was hate, but I love Harry… I haven’t told him that I do yet, because I’m scared it’ll creep him out. The one thing that bothered me is he hasn’t confirmed our relationship yet. I am his girlfriend, that’s official, but we haven’t come out yet and I can’t help but wonder why. Whenever I ask him about it, he just says, “We’ll come out when the time is right.”


I was out shopping with Sandra and Kristy while my dad stayed home and did some work. We were going back to Nebraska for a wedding in two days, so we had to by a dress for Kristy. Sandra and I didn’t need dresses because we are bridesmaids. We found a little floral dress for Kristy and realized how late it was, so we drove home. Sandra was too tired to drive so I did, and when we pulled up into view of our house, I slammed on the breaks of the car so hard that if Sandra and I weren’t wearing seat belts, we would have flown out the windshield.

“Why did you slam on the breaks?” Sandra asked

“Because my dad is home…”

“Yes, you knew that. What’s the problem with your dad being home?”

“Look whose car that is in the driveway.” I said, pointing at the black range rover sitting in our driveway. Kristy peered out the window,

“Oh my goodness, that’s Harry’s car isn’t it?”

“Yup. Dad is going to find out that Harry and I are dating, he’ll flip his shit on him and scare off Harry… and then ground me for life.”

“Who knows, that whole thing with you and Andrew was a long time ago, maybe your dad will be okay. Let’s sneak into the house quietly and eavesdrop on their conversation. They will probably be in the living room so we can listen from the kitchen.” Sandra suggested. See that was the cool thing about her. She could be like a mom to me, but she could also be that sneaky friend. We did exactly what she said, we snuck in through the back door into the kitchen and I could hear my dad talking to Harry in the living room,

“So let me get this straight, you are Harry Styles, the famous guy my youngest daughter never shuts up about, and you are dating my oldest?”

“Yes.” Harry replied, sounding a little nervous.

“I don’t approve of my daughter dating. Did she tell you what the last boy did? And honestly, you are a British pop star, so I have a lot less faith in you because I know you are known as a ‘womanizer’. You are going to hurt my daughter and the longer it takes for that to happen, the harder she’ll fall.”
“Mr. Mason, do you know why I came here? I came here because I knew Summer wouldn’t be home, so now I could get the chance to tell you how much your daughter means to me. This is nothing we planned together, because I know she would flip at me if she knew I came. I know the tabloids make me come off as a womanizer… maybe I am, I don’t know, but what I do know is, even if I was a womanizer, Summer has changed that about me. Your daughter means everything to me. I promised this to Kristy and I’ll promise this to you: I will never, in a million years EVER hurt your daughter. I’d die before I let that happen.” Harry stated.

I felt a huge smile cross my face and I felt something else. Even though I couldn’t see him, I could tell my father was smiling to,

“Harry,” he began, “Since Summer caught Andrew cheating on her, she has never been fully happy. But for the past couple weeks; I don’t think I’d seen her as happy as she has been… ever. You do seem to really care about her.”

“Wait, Mr. Mason, does this mean?” I heard Harry ask.

“It means I approve of you dating my daughter. You seem to be a good man, Styles.” my father replied, “And call me Brian. Mr. Mason was my father.”

Both him and Harry laughed. I was glad that my father had accepted Harry. I had a big smile on my face as Sandra came up to me and whispered,

“We should sneak back out and then come in through the front door so they don’t know we were eavesdropping.”


We snuck out and came back in through the front door. I walked in as if I hadn’t even noticed Harry’s car parked out front of our house,

“Hey dad! We’re home and we found a perfect dress for Kristy!” I called and walked into the living room. When I saw my dad sitting on the chair I smiled at him and put on a look complete of shock when I saw Harry,

“H-Harry? What are you doing here?”

He got up slowly and walked over to me, “Look Summer, don’t be mad. I just really wanted to meet your father and get his approval and I knew that you wouldn’t let me meet him for a while ‘cause of Andrew so I came on my own. I’m really sorry if you feel mad or betrayed but I just-”

I cut him off by placing my finger against his lips. I turned around to face my dad and then grabbed Harry’s arms and wrapped them around me. Harry comfortably rested his chin on my shoulder. My dad and I locked gazes,

“So Summer, you really care about Harry.” My dad says slowly.

“Dad I really do. He makes me so happy.” I say to my dad already knowing how he will respond.

“Well Harry here seems like a good guy and he doesn’t seem like he will hurt you, so I guess I approve.” my father said with a smile. Just then Sandra poked her head in,

“I just ordered a pizza, it’ll be here in about twenty minutes. Harry would you like to join us? It’s nothing fancy.”

“No it’s okay, I don’t want to intrude on your family time.” Harry replied

“You aren’t intruding. Plus I want to get to know you better.” Dad said.

“Well, if Summer wants me to stay than I will.” Harry said and then looked down at me.

“Of course I want you to stay.” I replied and kissed his cheek. He laughed,

“Well then I guess I am staying.”


We were sitting at dinner when Harry asked us,

“So why were you guys out buying a dress for Miss Kristy?”

Kristy blushed. I guess she still couldn’t believe Harry Styles was sitting right beside her. Honestly, sometimes I can’t believe it either.

“Tomorrow we are flying back to Nebraska for the weekend for a wedding.” Kristy replied.

“Oh that sounds like fun.” Harry said with a smile

“Oh shoot Harry, I’m so sorry I never told you, I guess you are just too distracting.” I said with a smirk.

“It’s alright babe. The guys and I are going to California for the Ellen show this weekend anyways.”

“Oh I love the Ellen show.” Sandra said.

“We always tease Niall and say he looks like Ellen.” Harry said and my whole family laughed. When we finished dinner, it was late and Harry’s flight left early tomorrow morning so he left. Sandra went to put Kristy to bed and my dad and I were cleaning the dishes,

“So you really like him?” he asked

“Dad, I honestly think I love him.” I replied

“I don’t think you do, I know you do. I can see it in the way you look at him. You never looked at Andrew that way.”
“So you approve of Harry? Really truly?”

“Would it be awkward for me to tell you that I honestly seeing you marrying that boy someday?” he said with a smirk.

“Just a little.”

“Well then I will just leave it at yes, he seems to be a great boy for you. I defiantly approve.”


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