love at first sight

this story is about a young teenager named kate who was adopted when she was 5 she lived with her step-mother, one direction go to her school but she doesnt like them at all! what will happen when one of the members fall in love with her? will she change her mind about them???


4. ewwww


as i was watching the........wel you know, i was about to barf in my stomach! i couldnt believe my best friend was making out with the guy i hate!!

i ran up to her cuase i couldnt stand it much longer!

chelsea! i yelled when she turned around she saw so many girls that were cursing at her and whispering she picked her backpack off from the ground and ran inside with tears in her eyes.

i looked back at the quiff boy , see what you did!! i yell and ran after her.

at lunch me and chelsea sat at our normal table near the fashion club and as far away from where the "boys" sat.

when we sat down i asked chelsea a few questions, chelsea what did you talk about in the car not to get to nossy but did you say anything about me? she replies.

chels tell me the truth!

fine, i said that you hated them........

ok good i wanted them to no that!

chelsea hits me in the arm.

oww! i say

chelsea from a distance, could see harry getting up from his seat and walking towards them. he had a can of pop in his hands. he was walking directly at them now but when he reahed the table he continued walking instead of stopping. he just went to throw his pop can away but when he turned around he stopped at our tale and whispered in my ear i would love to hear you sing sometime and walks away.

again i had a cold rush going down my spine.

something about that boy gives me the creeps! she says to chelsea

but chelsea wasnt paying attention she looked like she was daydreaming but she wasnt instead she was staring at something. when i turned around to see what it was, the quiff boy!! seriously chels even after that boy embaressed you, you still look at him!??!!

what! no she answers. he never embarrased me ! k stop taking about me now what did harry say?

what are you taling about? i ask

dont give me that! just becuase i was looking at zayn doesnt mean i wasnt paying attention! duhhh!

ok fine all he said was i wish i could hear you sing sometime. and i wonder where he found out i like to sing?!!?? do you no anything about it? i ask her

ok fine i alo told him that you were a great singer, please dont get mad at me!!!

you what!!!!??!! are you crazy!

no its not that bad. and plus i  think he likes you!!

first : ewwwww second , why would you say that?
well becuase this whole morning ive seen him looking at you!

again ewwwwww and i dont care!

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