love at first sight

this story is about a young teenager named kate who was adopted when she was 5 she lived with her step-mother, one direction go to her school but she doesnt like them at all! what will happen when one of the members fall in love with her? will she change her mind about them???


2. come in!

  we were walking to shool when a car pulled up beside us it was a blue and white striped lambourgini.

chelsea's jaw dropped when she saw who was in the car. One Direction.

you may not no but me katarina lovefest HATE One Direction! but my friend chelsea on the other hand loves them. they go to our school and i hate all the attention they get just becuase they r the best british boyband here.


oh my god! kat look!! she points to the car, i dont give a fuck chelsea u no i hate them. kat why dont u give them a chance, what did they ever do to u ? they were born! kat yells.

chilax kat!!

sorry she says. she continues to walk ignoring the boys and chelsea has no choice but to follow,

c'mon girls i know you want to come in this car! the boy in the passenger seat says, he had curly brown locks and a devilish smile.

kat stops and turns around o see if chelsea is still following her, but as she knew it she was climbing into there car. c'mon kat please for me!! and she put on her puppy dog face on.

no chelsea theres only one more block to school i think you could walk !

fine! chelsea says. as she was climbing out of the car someone pulled onto her hand, she turned around and saw that it was the boy who had a quiff on his hair and a golden streak in the middle of it, i think his name was zayn but i wasnt sure.

please stay. he said with a sad voice chelsea looked up at me to ask for approval i thought about it for a while and nodded my head. i did that cause this was probably her dream come true and i didnt want to ruin it just because i didnt like the band

so chelsea hoped right back in the car and the driver started the engine. before it took off the guy in the passenger seat winked at me, i felt a quick shiver down my spine and i continued to walk i waved back at chelsea as she drove off with the people i hate..............

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