love at first sight

this story is about a young teenager named kate who was adopted when she was 5 she lived with her step-mother, one direction go to her school but she doesnt like them at all! what will happen when one of the members fall in love with her? will she change her mind about them???


1. clothes

i was picking out my outfit for school when someone knocked on my bedroom door, i opened it to see my best friend standing in front of me "hey chelsea!" i say "hey kat"  we both laugh.

"so r u ready?" she asks "yup i was just making my outfit ready wanna see?" "sure!" here i'm wearing

a pink sequined skirt with a matching bow tie, pink converse, a pink headband with a bow tie on it, and a pink and white plaid shirt tucked in the skirt! isnt it magnific!

yup sure is! wanna see what im wearing?

sure must be cute! we chuckle here im wearing blue skinny jeans,blue converse,an x-tra large blue and white plaid shirt with a belt in the middle, a lululemon headband with my hair in a bun, and a black leather jacket to finish it off.

no jewlery!!??!!

no, i was thinking of going natural today even though i am a jewlery princess!!

we both laugh.



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