love at first sight

this story is about a young teenager named kate who was adopted when she was 5 she lived with her step-mother, one direction go to her school but she doesnt like them at all! what will happen when one of the members fall in love with her? will she change her mind about them???


3. at school......

when i finally arrived at school i couldnt believe what i was seeing. chelsea was makng out with that quiff boy!!!!


when we were driving to school in the car i felt a warm arm wrap around my shoulders, it was zayn he was so adorable! he felt like a life sized teddy bear that i just wanted to cuddle with!

so chelsea........ umm whats up with your friend there? niall said.

oh my gosh he knows my name!!! umm....... oh she just is not into you guys like i am thats all ! i say with  a sheepisly smile.

he looks at me like he is about to attack. oh. he says

i feel so bad about it, just then harry turns around and stares at me like i did the most terrible thing in the world and asks well do you like One Direction?

me? are you kidding i love you guys!! they all smiled. and no one is ever going to make me change my mind!

aww thanks, liam said sitting up to come and hug me. was i dreaming!!!

just then little things by One Direction came on the radio i started singing, it was my favorite song. im in love with you, and all your little things. WOW!! louise said, you have a great voice!

aww thanks but you should really listen to katarina sing im so jealous! i say

once again harry turns around and says only if she'll let us. we all laugh, but zayn was quite. he was the only one who didnt speak to me even thoug he was the one that begged me to stay.

when we finally arrived at school i waved bye to them and waited for kat at the front entrance. but when i wasnt looking someone grabbed me by the waist and pulled me backwards. i almost fell but the person held me so i wouldnt, when i turned around i saw zayn smiling i looked at him confusingly then suddenlt he slammed our lips together it felt so good and i didnt back away instead i came closer and i put my hands around the back of his head and....oohhh it felt so good! i could here soe girls whispering but i didnt care it was ZAYN MALIK for god sakes!!!


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