love at first sight

this story is about a young teenager named kate who was adopted when she was 5 she lived with her step-mother, one direction go to her school but she doesnt like them at all! what will happen when one of the members fall in love with her? will she change her mind about them???


5. after school


when me and chelsea were walking out of the school we bumped into that curly haired guy, but it wasnt by accident, it was more on purpose.

"have you thought about it " he says to me. at first i didnt no what he was talking about then i remembered what he mentioned earlier during lunch. "get out of my face curly" i say to him

oohh curly what a nice name! he says

screw off! i yell

woah easy there.

i can hear all the girls whispering.

c'mon chelsea i say

she follows me and waves to curly. serouisly i say to her. what! i just roll my eyes.

when we reached my house there was a note on the door: dear kat, i have an imporatant bussness trip and i'll be back in a week i know that you can handle yourself but remember my rules no parties or nothng but you can always have friends over ;) i went shopping and  i bought you some food there in the pantry.  xoxox  emily ;)

well this is going to be fun i say as i turn the door handle, me and chelsea walk in the house and make ourselves comfortable in front of the t.v.

chelsea do you want to have a sleep over ? i ask

i would be delighted! she says and we both laugh.


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