Little Girl Puckerman - Glee Fanfiction

Almost everyone went through school bullying, but not me. Oh no. Not because I have model looks, I don't. Or I'm like the secret love child of Beyoncé and George Clooney, because I assure you, I'm definately not. I'm just Alice. And, if in high school I went by just 'Alice', then yeah. I would have been bullied. But I'm not. I'm Alice Puckerman. Little sister of Noah and Jake Puckerman. The biggest studs McKinley has ever seen.

(Note: I am English, so please excuse any wrong American-isms, or if I accidently say 'Mum' instead of 'Mom' or 'Colour' instead of 'Color'.)


3. Making friends.

*tick tock tick tock*

I watched the clock as it repeatedly ticked.

Jake told me he'd meet me at lunch, but he wasn't there. I waited and waited, but after 20 minutes of standing around, I got my lunch and went to find a seat to sit down. I passed: a table of cheerleaders, who were already giving me looks; a small group of extremely pierced students who had electric coloured hair and heavy metal blasting from their earphones, who were sat on the steps towards the back; a table of ginger people, who looked angrily at anyone who didn't have red hair (I later found they were called 'The Ginger Supremacists' and their only goal in life was to preserve the ginger line because, "THEY ARE A DYING SPECIES YOU KNOW!";  a table of jocks who, when I passed them, were telling me in detail what they'd do if I was their "girl" and finally, a table right at the back, almost completely out of view, of a whole variety of people. Some looked kind of dorky, with glasses sellotaped in the middle and a slight overbite; some had model looks, perfect cheekbones, big, bright eyes and perfect bodies - both the girls and the boys; some were big group/band groupies with merch everywhere you looked and some were just, well, plain. The thing that surprised me, however, was the fact that, in a school full of so much cliques and segregation between cliques, they were all talking and getting along. I counted in my head how many of them there were, 14. There were 2 empty seats halfway down the table. I contemplated sitting there, then chickened out and carried on looking for somewhere to sit.

I finally found somewhere to sit towards the back, a table no-one had occupied, and I could see why. Every lunch, the rather... big teachers of McKinley got together for a heavy gym session - full of climbing ropes and running on treadmills which were, to me extremely slow, however they were worn out after 30 seconds - followed by a large Quiznos meal, sides and all. By the time they had finished, they were extremely sweaty, and I had front row seats through the window, safe to say I didn't exactly appreciate this view. I bit into my cheeseburger and instantly regretting that decision. As I was one of the last to get lunch, it had gone quite cold, the lettuce had started to brown and the bread was soggy. I flopped it back down onto my plate, and stared enviously at the people who were clever enough to bring their own lunch. So, while my stomach rumbled as loud as a dying whale, I got out my iPod and pressed "Shuffle Songs", then proceeded to do a little shout in pain, as I didn't realise it was on at full blast. I frantically moved my finger on the wheel anti-clockwise, lowering the volume. I looked up and saw many eyes focussed on me, looking quite annoyed at my sudden outburst. I felt my cheeks burn and looked down, my hands hiding my super-embarrased face.


If I were a boy

I think I could understand

How it feels to love a girl

I swear I'd be a better man.


I began tapping my fingers on the table to the beat when suddenly I was interrupted by a voice I didn't recognise.

"Hey!" the voice said, confidently. I took out my right earphone and looked up, to be greeted by maybe the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. He was obviously a jock, as he had the red and yellow jacket that all jocks wore. He had blonde hair swept to the side and big, blue eyes that I felt I could get easily lost in.

*Author Note: Imagine Cody Simpson*

"Urr... Hi..." I hesitated, wondering what he was doing talking to me. 

"I'm Cal." he smiled, sitting across from me.

"I'm, um, Alice..." I said awkwardly looking between him and my iPod.

"Hey 'Um Alice'" he winked, making me laugh. Cal... I knew this name from somewhere.

"Oh hell." I thought. "This is Cal Richards, the hockey captain. The guy Jake despises more than anyone else."

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