Little Girl Puckerman - Glee Fanfiction

Almost everyone went through school bullying, but not me. Oh no. Not because I have model looks, I don't. Or I'm like the secret love child of Beyoncé and George Clooney, because I assure you, I'm definately not. I'm just Alice. And, if in high school I went by just 'Alice', then yeah. I would have been bullied. But I'm not. I'm Alice Puckerman. Little sister of Noah and Jake Puckerman. The biggest studs McKinley has ever seen.

(Note: I am English, so please excuse any wrong American-isms, or if I accidently say 'Mum' instead of 'Mom' or 'Colour' instead of 'Color'.)


4. Killer ex.

"So, I'm guessing you're new?" he asked, and seemed genuinely interested in the answer.

"Yeahhhh, started this morning." I smiled.

"Well, welcome to Mckinley. I assume no-one has made you feel welcome." he sighed. I just nodded in agreement to which he sighed again. 

"Well, my br-" I started, though I quickly Stopped, remembering just who I was talking to. 

"Huh?" a quizzical looked clouded his face.

"Um, nothing.." I felt myself blush, though he didn't seem to notice. He cocked his head to the side slighty.

"You're really funny, you know that?" He chuckled. He slowly reached for my iPod, "Can I?" I nodded, quite happy that he'd asked. He made his way through my song collection, occasionally glancing up at me with either a 'Well done for your music taste' [AN ~ bold, italics and underlines don't work on my playbook. I'll explain later] or a 'You have got to be kidding me' look. Eventually he placed the iPod back into my hand, which was laying on the table, the closed my fingers around it. 

"I have to say, I am rather impressed with your collection."

"What was that look then?" I asked, doing my own version of the look he had given me. Head tilted back slighty, eyes narrow, eyebrows right up the forehead. I knew I looked absolutely repulsive doing that face, but the funny thing was... I didn't care, and neither did he apparently. 

"It's just, no, never mind."

"Go on, don't chicken out mid-insult." I said jokingly to which he laughed.

"It's just, you have an awful lot of Britney Spears on there."

"Well, yeah. I've had this iPod since I was eleven. Trust me, I was a bit of a Britney enthusiast back then."

He slid back in his chair, running a hand through his luscious blonde hair. "I have a confession."

"You're secretly a woman." I said, trying but failing to refrain my laughter.

"How did you know?" he winked at me. "No seriously, have you ever heard of S Club 7? They were a British band when we were little.". I nodded, and he continued "Well... Oh jheez. I was kind of an S Club mega fan. Posters, t-shirts, masks, you name it. When they split, I cried so much I didn't come out of my room for 3 days solid." By this point, I was practically choking on laughter.

"Dude, that is just... Wow." I carried on laughing, almost to the brink of tears. "What did you do with all that memorabilia?"

"They are shoved into a deep, dark corner of my closet... And of my mind."

"Oh wow. I bet everyone gave you grief about that when you first told them."

"Actually, you're the first person I have ever told that to." he paused, shaking his head "And the last." For a second, we were silent, latched onto each other's eye contact, then, as if it was planned;

"S Club 7!" we both shouted, giving in to the laughter that had been trying to escape. I laughed so much, I started to get a stitch. We both sat there, laughing away, not caring whatever anyone else thought. And it was all going to well - 

"Hello Cal." a serious, cold voice said from above. I turned my body, tears still brimming in my eyes, to see a tall, mousey-brown haired girl staring at me, with cold, blue-green eyes [Miley Cyrus when she was in Hannah Montana]. She was wearing a Cheerios uniform and her perfect hair was tied back into a perfect high pony tail  My laughter became slow chuckles, then my slow chuckles became nothing. Just silence. She turned her head towards Cal, extremely slowly, her gaze still stuck onto mine, when suddenly she snapped away and was now looking at Cal. Her two best friends that had paced along behind her, each in a Cheerios uniform, with blonde high ponies, carried on staring at me, making me feel extraordinarily uncomfortable. Cal sighed heavily.

"Hello Céline." he kept his gaze on the table. Céline. Céline Delucci, daughter of Suzette Delucci, biggest snob in Ohio, famous for her prestigious dinner parties to which everyone that was anyone was cordially invited. Everyone had hope for young Céline, seeing as her dad owned the local fish bait store, he'd bring her up to be pleasant and hard working, just like him. Boy, they couldn't have been more wrong. Jake had told me that since freshman year, Cal and Céline had been the power couple, the couple that everyone wanted to be like. Cal had been showered in gifts every birthday and christmas. Though, if the rumours were true, he sold all of it to buy PS3 games. 

"You didn't wait for me by my locker after algebra. Why is that?" She pronounced every letter exact, it was very annoying. 

"Because" he tapped his fingers on the table, causing the vibrations to go up my arm, "Because we broke up, remember?"

"What? Cal, that is preposterous and frankly, extremely ridiculous. Don't you think I would have remembered if we had broken up? Hmm?" She paused, waiting for an answer. When she didn't get one, she became louder "HMM?"

"You're saying that because I broke up with you. You expect everyone to worship you, when in fact, most people find you irritating." he still didn't meet her gaze, but the anger that was bubbling in his voice was becoming more apparent. 

"Cal! How dare you speak to your own girlfriend that way!" She had become so loud, that everyone had now abandoned their own conversations to listen to the feud that was happening. This obviously pushed Cal over the edge, as he stood up, took a deep breath and looked her straight in the eyes.

"You, are not my girlfriend. Not anymore. I broke up with you for a reason that I'm pretty sure you don't want publically announced." He was deadly serious, which scared me a little. That someone could go from that warm hearted, to so cold, no emotions, no glances away, nothing.

"A- You- But-" she stammered, aiming for any comeback that could rival that of Cal's. She, however, could think of nothing. Instead she turned quickly and sharply on her heels, storming out of the cafeteria, her two puppy dog pals doing a small jog after her. For a moment or two, Cal continued to stare at her, then he looked at me. It was strange, because all of a sudden, his eyes were warm and kind again. Not the cold and bitter ones I had just seen. He returned to his place, as people's heads slowly turned away, returning to earlier conversions. 

"I'm so sorry you had to witness that." his hands cupping his face, elbows leaning on the table.


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