Little Girl Puckerman - Glee Fanfiction

Almost everyone went through school bullying, but not me. Oh no. Not because I have model looks, I don't. Or I'm like the secret love child of Beyoncé and George Clooney, because I assure you, I'm definately not. I'm just Alice. And, if in high school I went by just 'Alice', then yeah. I would have been bullied. But I'm not. I'm Alice Puckerman. Little sister of Noah and Jake Puckerman. The biggest studs McKinley has ever seen.

(Note: I am English, so please excuse any wrong American-isms, or if I accidently say 'Mum' instead of 'Mom' or 'Colour' instead of 'Color'.)


2. First impressions.

As I entered the big glass doors into the main hallway, I couldn't help but notice how packed it was.

People. Were. Everywhere.

I opened up my bag to find the map Noah had spent a few hours drawing. I rooted through my bag, but couldn't find it anywhere.

"Oh crap! I left it on my desk. Now how am I meant to find my way to Figgins' office?!" I thought, my mind racing. A young boy, a freshman maybe was walking towards me, and he seemed quite nice and helpful.

"Excuse me, can you-" I began my sentence.

"Get lost, LOSER." he yelled in return. Oh, well then. He laughed and walked off to join his gang of friends, who were also pointing and laughing. I felt my cheeks burn and I headed further down the hallway. I was being pushed and jostled by all different people. I was about to give up when-

"Alice?" I looked up to see Jake staring at me. I was so glad I found him. "You been to Figgins' office yet?" he asked, to which I shaked my head, still a little embarrassed from wwhat had happened minutes earlier. "What about the map Puck drew?" Everyone called Noah 'Puck' at school. It was just me that called him Noah. I didn't see the logic in it if I was also called Puckerman.

"I forgot it..." I whimpered, looking at the floor, feeling very disappointed in myself. Jake began to laugh, which made me feel even more upset and uncomfortable.

"Hey, Alice, don't get upset. I'm not laughing to be mean, you know I'd never do that. You just amuse me sometimes, silly." He wrapped his arm around me and began to walk me in the completely opposite direction I'd been walking in. I should probably tell you, neither me, Jake, nor Noah are fully siblings. We have the same dad, but different moms. Jake and Noah have only known about eachother for 2 years, and me for even shorter. But we all just clicked, like siblings are supposed to do. We eventually arrived at the office. I walked in and the receptionist told me to take a seat. Jake sat next to me and leaned on my wooden arm chair. "She" he pointed at a blonde haired woman in a red tracksuit "is Coach Sue Sylvester. Coach of the 'infamous' Cheerios." he said sarcastically, using his fingers as quotation marks at the word 'infamous'. She looked to be having an argument. "And that", his finger turned towards a curly haired man in a vest sweater and a tie "is Mr. Schuster, or Mr. Schu, for short. He teaches Spanish, but also does the glee club." Jake said, in his proudest voice. I looked to him and he did a salute, still looking at Mr. Schuester, then giving me a wink, which made me laugh. I hadn't known Jake for long, but he never failed to make me laugh. "Oh man!" he suddenly stood up looking at his watch "Marley's history exam is over in like, two minutes and I promised I'd meet her outside her classroom. Sorry Alice, are you gonna be okay on your own?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'll be fine, see you at lunch, like we planned, yeah?" I smiled as he nodded before sprinting away. It was sweet really, Jake and Marley. They'd been dating for 2 years, after the apparently legendary performance of Grease by the Glee Club.


"YEAH, WELL YOU KNOW WHAT SUE-" Things were really heating up in there, when Coach Sylvester stormed out, throwing all of the receptionists paperwork on the floor and terrorising students. I looked on in horror, then back at the recptionist.

"That happens a lot, you'd be surprised." she said with a shrug, proceeding to pick up her papers are sort them all into numerical order, which, by the looks of it, would take hours. "You can go in now."

I was just about to stand up, when Coach Sue re-entered the reception area. The receptionst clung onto the paper she had already picked up, but Sue wasn't back for that. She looked me straight in the eyes for what could have been anywhere between a few seconds and an entire eternity. I'm not exaggerating, it was like looking into the fiery gates of Hell itself. "Stand up" she ordered, so I did straight away. Then she broke off her glare, to give me, what I call the 'Elevator Look', which is when someone looks you up and down, from head to toe and back again, obviously judging you. "Cheerios try-outs, tomorrow, 1pm. You will go." She snarled before once again leaving the reception in a rage. Seconds later Mr. Schuester entered and walked over to me.

"Hi, you must be Alice Puckerman." He smiled, holding out his hand.

"Yep, that's me." I shook his hand in return.

"I'm Mr Schuester, head of Glee. Well, it's great you got to meet Coach Sylvester on a good day." he shook his head while saying. I raised an eyebrow, wondering if he was being serious, and if he was, I wondered what she was like on a bad day. He laughed and said "Don't worry, sometimes she actually does show other emotions than anger!" I did a single laugh as he was obviously expecting one. "Well, I'd love to see the third Puckerman join the Glee Club. Auditions are tomorrow at 1pm. See you there, hopefully!" I had only been here for less than 30 minutes and already I had been faced with a major decision.

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