Little Girl Puckerman - Glee Fanfiction

Almost everyone went through school bullying, but not me. Oh no. Not because I have model looks, I don't. Or I'm like the secret love child of Beyoncé and George Clooney, because I assure you, I'm definately not. I'm just Alice. And, if in high school I went by just 'Alice', then yeah. I would have been bullied. But I'm not. I'm Alice Puckerman. Little sister of Noah and Jake Puckerman. The biggest studs McKinley has ever seen.

(Note: I am English, so please excuse any wrong American-isms, or if I accidently say 'Mum' instead of 'Mom' or 'Colour' instead of 'Color'.)


5. [Author's Note]

Hey there. Right, I'm very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very sorry I haven't updated for gadzooks (ages), but my laptop has stopped working D: that isn't some rubbish excuse for "I'm too lazy", my laptop has actually broken. The keyboard isn't working, the mouse isn't working, the battery will go from 100% to 2% in a matter of seconds and my charger has broken and is sparking at me. So i'm writing on my BlackBerry PlayBook (which is terrible). Sorry guys. It won't let me click enter, oh okay. Yeah, I'm clicking and flip all is happening. So anyway, thanks to the 7 people who put this on their favourite (i'm english, so I have spelt it right)  lists. Means a lot. Woohoo. Don't expect me to update soon, however I may surprise the bunch of you (no promises). TA-TA.

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