Another World

Naomi Mendoza is a soon to be adult. She struggles in her life between having an abusive father and bad romance. The only two things she depends on are herself and her best friend Stacey(are they really best friends?). Naomi feels as if her life is going down hill, but she is soon change and is found in another world she never thought she would be in or even existed.


6. ????????????

"That's strange." said Liam. I had to question,"What is it?"He looked at me and said,"The boys still aren't back" "You should call them." I added. "I don't have my phone" he responded. I took my phone out my bag and handed it to him."The password is Stacey." he typed it in and called his friends. I only heard what Liam was saying:"What happened?" "Really?" "Where are you at?" "Did you call the paramedics" I was suspicious on what happened. It can't be good though. I hope that everyone is okay. I'm stressing out now and I have a bad feeling. I feel a sharp pain through my body as I drop to the floor in agony. "Nao, what's wrong?" Liam rushes over to my side.

Liam POV

"Nao, what's wrong?" I run to her side. She's on the ground crying she looks at me in agony."Liam-" she cuts herself of and falls unconscious. What's happening. Why did she just fall? Why does she look like she's in pain? What do I do!? Oh God. I grabbed her wrist to check for a pulse. She was still breathing but something on her wrist caught my attention. I was a fresh cut. Did she really do this?!? I questioned myself. Oh come on! "LIAM" I heard someone yell from a far. It was Niall." Mate did you run here?" I asked him as he struggled for air." "Yeah, I had to" he responded.

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