Another World

Naomi Mendoza is a soon to be adult. She struggles in her life between having an abusive father and bad romance. The only two things she depends on are herself and her best friend Stacey(are they really best friends?). Naomi feels as if her life is going down hill, but she is soon change and is found in another world she never thought she would be in or even existed.


2. What did I do?

Stacey POV

            Damn, Naomi seems so upset. It must be something up with her boyfriend. If it is this is the first time they have had problems together. Anyways we got to the car and I started to drive. When we were half way there I caught sight of her Dad’s car behind us. I guess she did to because she had a look on her face, the one she uses when she realizes that she’s screwed. ”ugh, it’s Dad... I’m in so much trouble” she pouted.

 The car got closer and Naomi seemed even more disappointed. “Pull over Stacey.” She commanded. I followed her command and pulled over so she could get out. She got out of the car with her stuff and closed the door. She signaled me to drive away so I did. I can’t help but regret leaving her.  Her father and she have big problems; ever since her mom died they’ve never been the same. She’s always being her crazy fun self, but him, that’s the problem he just isn’t even human anymore. I can’t stop but to think about what might happen she’s still waiting for her 18th birthday so she can move out. Fuck! What did I do? I can't go back though she doesn't want me to... Oh my gosh! What do I do? Slowly I could feel tears forming in my eyes and drip down my face. I couldn't see straight, I panicked.

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