Another World

Naomi Mendoza is a soon to be adult. She struggles in her life between having an abusive father and bad romance. The only two things she depends on are herself and her best friend Stacey(are they really best friends?). Naomi feels as if her life is going down hill, but she is soon change and is found in another world she never thought she would be in or even existed.


4. Starry Night


Naomi POV

            I ran and when I was out of breath I kept going. I was around my breaking point when I finally decided to stop. I still had some of my stuff, clothes, accessories, phone, and iPod. Yeah, I’m good, I sat down on a waiting bench, and it was dark outside. Even England can be scary at night, surprising, huh? I guess I was tired and it was summer so it was pretty warm. I cradled myself. I looked up and stared at the sky. I was just hoping that mom’s star was watching over me. All I could see were dozens of stars spread across the sky it was beautiful. I noticed one star that instantly began to shine brighter than everything else. I knew mom, whether she really was or wasn’t, was watching over me. I felt a tear stream down my face; I knew I wasn’t alone... I guess I began to fall asleep because everything was a blur from there.


Liam POV

            Oh my gosh! I can’t believe the boys made me go so far. Why? Ugh, I’ve been walking so long and its mid night. I have my phone but they won’t come pick me up… I’m walking I’m walking, and walking. I’m never going to get there. It was warm outside, lucky me, I don’t have to run in the rain. I can't help but look at the beautiful sky.10 minutes later, okay I’m tired. I need to rest. Why did they make me go so far, I’m exhausted… I stopped at a little bench. I sat down, but there was someone else sitting there. I think she was asleep. I don’t think she should be here in the middle of the night. She had curly black hair, and seemed sad. Her head was tucked between her knees and she had an old backpack with her. I wonder why she is here. I tapped on her shoulder waking her up.

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