Another World

Naomi Mendoza is a soon to be adult. She struggles in her life between having an abusive father and bad romance. The only two things she depends on are herself and her best friend Stacey(are they really best friends?). Naomi feels as if her life is going down hill, but she is soon change and is found in another world she never thought she would be in or even existed.


1. How it starts....


Naomi POV

“Get away from me! I hate you!” I yelled as I stormed off. As I got near the exit door, I was stopped. He was behind me and grabbing my arm. He had a tight grip and wouldn’t let me go. “Let me go you fucking bustard!” I barked at him. I couldn’t believe what he just did. I can’t even talk about it. “I won’t let you go until you listen to me,” he exclaimed. “NO!” I replied, I moved his hand off of me and ran out. I never looked back; I just kept running home (if you can call it that).

When I got home I stormed off into my room not caring anyone or anything. I locked my door for privacy, and so I wouldn’t have to deal with any shit.  I jumped onto my bed into the corner and sat there in the corner. Right now I was thinking ftw, I hated everyone. About 30 minutes later I had calmed down a bit and I was okay now. I heard a knock at my window and realized it was Stacey. I walked over quickly opening the window and let her in.  I was still a little mad but I can’t reject my best friend.

“Are you okay Naomi? I saw you take off running home after school.” She commented “I would say I’m okay but I would be lying.” I responded with a glum look. “Do you want to talk about it?” she asked. “No, not really, at least not now, Stacey” I paused “So, why did you really come over?” I questioned. “I was bored and today’s Friday remember?” she replied. “Oh yeah’ can I go over to your house today then?” I asked as my big brown eyes popped out. “Sure” she said as she stood up.

I grabbed and old backpack and put some stuff inside. We need to leave before Dad’s “Friends” come over. They are all a bunch of bitches. They always abuse me; I wasn’t ever safe not even at my home. Why did I have to suffer so much? It was stupid…. I packed the stuff and we climbed out the window. I would climb down but there’s a trampoline right outside I can jump. I did and so did Stacey. We went around the corner to where Stacey had parked her car. I’m lucky I have a friend like her, she’s just so special (special not retarded) to me. 

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