Another World

Naomi Mendoza is a soon to be adult. She struggles in her life between having an abusive father and bad romance. The only two things she depends on are herself and her best friend Stacey(are they really best friends?). Naomi feels as if her life is going down hill, but she is soon change and is found in another world she never thought she would be in or even existed.


3. Break Through

Naomi POV

            I made Stacey leave I didn’t want her to get into anything that she shouldn’t. I stood there walking in misery towards my Dad’s car. I was still walking over and stopped dead in my tracks. I thought to myself why should I go back? My birthday is next week, I can just leave early. It won’t make a difference. I heard someone yelling at me “Get in, you ungrateful little cunt!” I snapped,”Why should I? So I have to suffer even more than what I’ve already had?” “I said get in before I make you,” he exclaimed.”Well, try then,” I shouted as I ran as fast as could. I ran anywhere I could as long as I was away from him.

I guess he wasn't going to try to catch me this time, but maybe he is. Stop thinking close your eyes, and run!


Chris (Dad) POV

            Let that little Bitch run off. Why should I care? She’s not even really mine, only legally. I couldn’t give her back to the orphanage when Susan died. It was Sue who wanted her but the little girl was so convinced that we were her parents. At Sue’s death she made me promise to keep her but she never said she had to be safe. Oh well, let that little bitch die. It won’t be my fault. She was the one who ran away let it be. I still miss Sue. Why did she have to die and it’s all that little girls fault. My Sue is gone all because of her. Fuck that bitch if she doesn’t die I will make sure she does. I will hunt her myself, if I have to.

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