I'm sorry, I love you

Caitlyn and Erin have been best friends for life. But when something totally unexpected happens, can they stay friends?


1. First Sight

Caitlyn's POV:

I was sat there, with Erin by my side. 'What's happening?' I wondered as a man with a black shirt walked in. Then, 5 gorgeous boys walked through the door and said "Surprise!" I couldn't move. I couldn't speak. I didn't even know that I had passed out.

Erin's POV:

"Are you OK?" I said as Caitlyn sat up slowly. "I think so." She replied. I felt a hand touch my shoulder...

Louis' POV:

I fingered her hair, stroking it with my fingers. 'She's beautiful!' I thought to myself. "Vas' happenin'!" Zayn said, resting his arm on my shoulder. He looked at the brunette who had fainted. "You're Caitlyn right?" "Y-yeah" "Well do-" "Congratulations!" I interrupted Zayn.

Caitlyn's POV:

I looked at Niall, the best looking boy on the planet. He stared straight back at me. "Hiya love" he said in his cute Irish accent. "Hey!" I replied, "What do you mean congratulations?" "You won the Capital FM competition! You get to come on our Take Me Home tour with us! Harry butted in. "Can Erin come too?" I questioned them. "Course she can!" Liam said. I had never been so happy.
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