Where it all Began

Hailey is a 16 year old girl who auditions for the x-factor at the same time as one direction,what will happen when they both make it threw,when they both develop feeling for each other??
read this and find out <33
ps: this story has little mix on the x-factor the same time the boys were on i know that they weren't but its my story so deal with it, i also took out Perrie, i LOVE Perrie but i just i dunno wanted to be her maybe -__-
hope u enjoy :D


6. 6

i felt nauseous just like I did for the first audition “Jade Thirlwall” said the man “good luck” I whispered Jade went up and about 5 minutes later I heard “Hailey Lew” I got up and walked on stage and saw about 10 cameras on me again I took a deep breath and said “hello nice to see you again” Nicole looked at me and asked “what will you be singing for us today love?” I will be singing my life would suck without you by Kelly Clackson” “okay hun carry on” said Nicole the music played once again and I started singing “guess this means your sorry, your standing at my door, guess this means you take back all you said before like how much you wanted,anyone but me , said you never come back , but here you are again , cause we belong together now , yeah forever united here somehow yeah, you got a piece of me and honestly, my life my life would suck would suck without you” Nicole smiled “Thank You Hailey” and I walked off stage.Jade was waiting outside of the stage for me “Hailey you were amazing I would be surprised if you didn't make it” I looked at jade and smiled “Thanks Jade and I will be shocked if you don’t make it in you are unbelievable” jade and I walked back to where the other girl contestants were because now it was the boy’s performances Jade and I were talking when I was cut off to the judges calling out “Harry Styles” I pulled Jade along with me and was listing to him sing “isn’t she lovely” he is a really good singer to be honest “Jade isn't he good he was the one I was talking with yesterday he is good eh?” she looked at me and giggled “He is real fit!” I blushed,Jade tried her best to do a gangster accent “id totally tap that” I was on the floor laughing when Harry came out and looked at me like I had physiological issues but I just continued to laugh “oh my gosh that’s to funny … oh hello Harry I didn't see you there” I stud up “you were really good you are gonna be a star one day” I smiled “oh by the way Harry this is my friend Jade, Jade Harry, Harry Jade” the both shook hands and gave each other friendly smiles then Harry asked Jade and i “after we get our results would you like to Get some Nandos with me? Because I doubt that you two will be getting booted today, so what do ya say?” I looked at Jade “um Harry could we get our results first and then get back to you because we don’t want to get negative results and be in no shape what so ever to go out to Nandos and cancel on you so ill text you after we get our results okay?” Harry shook his head “Hey Jade can I get your number?” he asked in a friendly tone, I wasn't sure if he was flirting though because he was a pathological flirt, I don’t know if he realizes he flirts because he does it to guys to. Jade gave Harry her number and vise versa and we headed back to our rooms. When we got to our rooms I went straight to my luggage and started to pack. I got interrupted by Jade standing in the door way “Hailey why are you packing?” I looked at her “because if I get sent home I don’t want to waste time packing I just want to gather my belongings and leave I probably would not be able to bear being around this place knowing im not apart of the competition anymore” I stated “oh okay but I promise you aren't going home.” We watched a bit of telly at 7:00pm we had to be down for our results and it was 6:00pm. I decided to change because I don’t want to be in heals and a dress anymore so I went to my packed suit case and I pulled out a pair of black leggings and a superman jumper . I took of all my makeup and applied a thick coat of mascara and a thin coat of kohl eye liner with a clear gloss. I took my hair out of the sock bun and put it into a big messy bun.Before when we got back into the hotel I took out my contacts because jade wanted to see my blue eyes so i kept them out but I didn’t want to have blue eyes so I always keep a pair of solid brown contacts with no prescription in it so I can wear my prescription nerd glasses, I plopped in my brown contacts and put on my nerd glasses I walked out of my room and showed Jade “so what do you think?” I asked hoping she would give me an honest opinion “Hailey Honestly you look like you just stepped out of Vogue magazine or something like that” I smiled back at her “thanks you do to hun” Jade was wearing a pair of black leggings with one of my long crop tops with bows on it and a pair of my toms because I have 2 of each colour and she is my size, her hair was up in a messy bun like mine and we were both wearing the same makeup. It was now 6:45pm so we walked out of the hotel and went down to the lobby where in a few minutes time the judges stepped out and started to call names,to my surprise me and jade were in the same room. We waited for 15minutes until someone opened our door it was Louis “Hello girls, I wanted to tell you that you are all so talented and it was a really heard decision to make today and it kills me to say this to you but” he stopped and my heart sunk I felt sick I felt upset with myself, I was snapped out of my thoughts to Louis talking again “but you made it threw to the next round!!” I was speechless, it was so surreal I whispered to Jade “if you pinch me will I wake up?” Jade barley moved and we both pinched each other “Nope, this is real life hun” Jade and I both got up from the floor and started to scream with joy, I called up my dad with the phone on my ear it took 2 rings for him to answer “Hello?” he asked curiously, I sniffled “Hi Daddy,How are you ?” he responded “Hailey stop with all the rubbish and tell me if you made it now will ya?” I chuckled “Okay well Dad I made it threw to the next round!” I started to scream “Hailz im so proud of you I know you are going to do well, im speechless really Hailey” I giggled “well dad I need to find out if one my friends made it threw, and dad?” “yes darling” he replyed “Thank you for everything you've done from believing in me to loving me when I needed you , it means allot to me” a slight tear dripped from the side of my eye “Hailz it’s the least I could do and I love you, now go have fun goodbye ill ring you later” then the line went dead. 

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