Where it all Began

Hailey is a 16 year old girl who auditions for the x-factor at the same time as one direction,what will happen when they both make it threw,when they both develop feeling for each other??
read this and find out <33
ps: this story has little mix on the x-factor the same time the boys were on i know that they weren't but its my story so deal with it, i also took out Perrie, i LOVE Perrie but i just i dunno wanted to be her maybe -__-
hope u enjoy :D


5. 5

i went out of the hotel and started walking, according to my phone there is a starbucks around the corner so I started to walk and finally arrived at starbuck. I was waiting in line when I saw a familiar face, I pulled out my phone and texted that person “Hey you enjoying your trip 2 StarBucks? Xx:)” within a few seconds I got a text back “Are you stalking me?? Xx:)” I answerd back “umm not that I know of xx:)” then I got another text “where are you I cant see you xx:)” I giggled and texted back “turn around smarty pants xx:)” I felt a tap on my sholder to see a smiling Harry behind me “Hello Hailey I see you enjoy following me to starbucks” I laughed “I can assure you I didn’t follow you”I said still laughing “what brings you here at 9:00am in the morning?” he asked cheekly “well me and my roommates wanted to wakeup earlier so we could practice how about you?” I was cut off by getting to the front of the line  “Hello miss and welcome to starbucks what can I get you today” said the lady behind the counter “Hello can I please hava 2 vanilla cappuccinos with no fat and no foam please” the lady punched in my order “that will be €7 please” I handed her the money and she asked for my name, I gave her my name and was waiting by the side “so as I was saying Harry why are you here so early this lovely morning?” "I was actually here with my roommate Louis, would you like to meet him?” he asked “Ya sure that sounds great” Harry gestured to Louis to come over here but before Louis could get here my name was called. I quickly got the coffees and put one sweetener in each and took the little papers so you don’t burn yourself and went back to harry and his friend “Hi Im Hailey its nice to meet you” I said not able to shake his hand “im Louis and its nice to meet you too” “well I have to get going my friends coffee is going to get cold see you later lads” but before I could leave Harry held open the door for me “we were about to leave too would you mind us walking with you?” “that sounds great” I answered with a smile while walking I was asked many questions like where I was from, my favorite color witch is Orange and it also happened to be Harry’s too and a few other questions. “so what song are you guys singing today?” Harry answered “im singing isn't she lovely by Stevie wonder" “and you Louis?” “im singing hey there Delilah what are you singing?” "oh im singing my life would suck without you by Kelly Clackson” “I like that song” said Louis before getting into the hotel “well I have to go practice text me later” Louis looked at me with a sad face “what about me can I text you?” I giggled “yes Louis you can text me just get my number off Harry okay I have to go bye lads!” I went into the elevator and clicked the 7th floor I unlocked my hotel room and yelled for Jade “Jade where are you I have your coffee” jade jumped out looking like 100000 bucks! “wow you look amazing that dress really suits you, you should keep it!” I said happily “I couldn't do that but thanks for letting me borrow it! Should we start practice?” “ya we should” we started to sing and about 1 hour later we had to make our way down to the stage to audition for the second time jade was before me, we waited for 3 hours until it was our turn. 

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