Where it all Began

Hailey is a 16 year old girl who auditions for the x-factor at the same time as one direction,what will happen when they both make it threw,when they both develop feeling for each other??
read this and find out <33
ps: this story has little mix on the x-factor the same time the boys were on i know that they weren't but its my story so deal with it, i also took out Perrie, i LOVE Perrie but i just i dunno wanted to be her maybe -__-
hope u enjoy :D


4. 4


Im at bootcamp now with my suitcase in my hands and looking around to see no firmilar faces I felt lonely finally the judges came out to greet us “Hello everyone and welcome to bootcamp” said Simon

Everyone cheered ,then he continud“here infront of me there are 500 hopefulls tomorrow you will perform infront of the judges and 400 of you will be going home then on wendsday the 100 people who make it in will perform for us again but this time in groups and we will take it from there,there are a few desks infront of the hotel they will be telling you your rooms and you will be rooming with 2 other people of the same sexe,now everyone go get sedeled in” I got up to the front desk and they assigned me to my room “270” witch was on the 7th floor witch didn’t help with me fear of hights. I Unlocked the hotel room door and I saw 2 girls in there one with long brown hair and one with long jet black hair.i walked In and introduced myself “Hello” I said shyly “im Hailey Lew” the girl with the brown hair introduced herself “Hello im Jade Thirlwall its nice to meet you” she said with a smile “you too” I mumbled then the girl with black hair came up to me “Hello im Milly it’s a plesur to meet you” “you to Milly” I said with a smile then we sat down in a circle and played 21 questions I went first “Jade where are you from?” jade answerd “im from South Sheilds Tyne and Wear” I looked up at her “oh my goodness im from there to!” we both gave each other high fives and we went to the next person witch was Milly “How old are both of you?”I answerd “well im 15 but im turning 16 in about one month or so” then jade answerd “im 16 I just turned 16 in December how old are you Milly?” Milly answerd “im 17 im a year older then both of you!” then it was Jade’s turn “um can you each sing the song you will be sisnging tomorrow for me?” Milly’s head shot up “yea I guess” then she started to sing Hot and Cold by Katy Perry and I have to say she was really good and allot better then me then when she was done all heads turned to me and I gulped “um okay I guess” so I started to sing “my life would suck without you” By Kelly Clarkson “guess this means your sorry, your standing at my door, guess this means you take back all you said before like how much you wanted,anyone but me , said you never come back , but here you are again , cause we beong together now , yeah forever united here somehow yeah, you got a piece of me and honestly, my life my life would suck would suck without you” they clapped “ oh my Hailey you are really good!” awh thanks but you are probley good to now you sing we both did now its your turn” she started to sing if I were a boy by beyonce , when she was done I said “see you are amazing!! I bet you are making it to judges houses and to live performances!” then milly looked at me and jade and told us that there was a party in the loby for the contestants we all got dressed I got into a skirt and my minny mouse shirt and leggings inder with a pair of black flats from topshop, I curled the bottom of my hair and put on a little bit of make-up which consisted of mascara eye liner and lipgloss.when we were all ready we got into the elevator and went to the loby there were allot of people,young , old and my age I got snapped out of my daydream when someone tapped o my sholder I turned around to see someone about my age and it was a guy “Hello” he said cheekly “Im Harry and what is your name?” I smiled “Im Hailey How are you?” “he looked at me and said “im good there arnt allot of people here that I know so Im a little lost how about you “ I giggles at his answer “I honestly feel like this is a dream its so surreal” he looked up at me and brought me to the bar “do you want a drink” he asked me “ um can I have a diet sprite?” I said with a smile he went to the bar person and asked for one diet Sprite and one Coca-cola he then brought me my bubbly drink and asked me a few more questions “ so Hailey how old are you?” im actually 15 turning 16 in about a month how old are you Harry?” im 16 I just turned 16 on February 1st” he said “oh happy belated birthday, if I would have known earlier I could have got you something from the hotel shop” I said with a chuckle it was about 11:30pm when I said I had to go because I had we had to get up early tomorrow and practice our songs “Goodnight Harry have a swell night and good luck!” “thank you, and you too” before I could go into my hotel room Harry asked me something “Hailey can I get your phone number?” I quickly gave him my phone and he gave me his and we both put our numbers in it.About 10 minutes later I got a text saying form “SexyStyles” saying Goodnight Hailey.. Hope you like my name.. I sure like yours “HailzMagoo”xx:) Harry” I laughed a little and replied “Ya my dad calls me that and it was the only thing I could think of have a goodnight! Xx Hailey” and then I drifted off into a deep sleep.I woke up to my alarm going off at 6:30am.Jade got in at about 12:00am last night and Milly at about i got up and went directly into the washroom with my various soaps and toiletries, I placed the soaps in the shower and the toiletry bag on the counter and pulled out my razor and put it in the shower with my razor gel.i started the shower and took off my cloths and put it on the floor in the bathroom got into the shower and washed my body with my candy cane body wash and then washed my hair with my coconut shampoo and conditioner, I turned off the water and got out of the shower reaching for the towel and wrapped it around my body. I went into my toiletry bad and got out my brush and brushed threw my long blond hair with brown roots and blowdryed them.i got out of the bathroom and Jade saw me “Hailey..do u have Blue eyes or Brown eyes?”I quickly rushed into the bathroom and put my brown lenses in and walked out “so what is it?” I turned around and answerd “I have blue eyes but I use contacts 1for colour and 2 because I need glasses..” “ohh okay but I really like your blue eyes” she said and I mumbled “thanks but I don’t”I went into my suitcase and pulkled out a pretty pale pink fluffy long sleeved dress with a pair of skin tone leggings under and 3inch skin colour heals. I went into the mirror and put on a thick coat of mascara and a thin coat of gel eye liner,then I took out some glitter eye liner and put in ontop of my gel liner.i looked in my jewelry bag and took out a mustache necklace and a pair of real diamond earrings I got from my grann,I pugged in my curling iron and put my hair in to a fitted sock bun with a few pieces hanging out that I curled perfectly,I got out my candy cane deodorant and applied it and then took out some candy cane perfume and voila! “Hailey you look amazing” I turned around and saw Jade “Thanks now how about you get dressed so we could look equally as amazing,if you want you can wear something of mine..what size dress are you?” um sure and im a size 1 in dresses” she answerd “oh my gosh that’s perfect we are the same size! You can look in my suit case and choose what you want,want a a coffee im going to starbucks?” I asked “um sure ill have a vanilla cappuccino no fat no foam” “so I guess im getting 2 of those considering you stole my order” I giggled “we are so much alike” jade stated “I think we are gonna be good friends” she said again “ I do too.. wanna give me your number incase I get lost or something?”I asked “ya forsure here” she took my phone and put her number in “haha nice JadyBugg that’s an original name” she giggled. I grabbed my bag and was out the hotel room door.

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