Where it all Began

Hailey is a 16 year old girl who auditions for the x-factor at the same time as one direction,what will happen when they both make it threw,when they both develop feeling for each other??
read this and find out <33
ps: this story has little mix on the x-factor the same time the boys were on i know that they weren't but its my story so deal with it, i also took out Perrie, i LOVE Perrie but i just i dunno wanted to be her maybe -__-
hope u enjoy :D


3. 3

I got off stage and i was jumping i was like a Mexican jumping bean. When i got off stae my dad was there with my BestFriend Briana with tears in both their eyes and they both gave me huge hugs. When we got to the car I asked Briana if she would help me pack and she happily agreed to help me pack. I could not believe Briana flew all the way from Canada to see me audition, I spent most of my childhood in Canada due to my dad’s job and because my brother Evan lives there with my mom.my dad decided to take me and Briana to Nandos, one because its one of my favourite restoraunts and two because Briana was dying to try it. We arrived at Nandos in a matter of 15-20 minutes. I went to sit down in the booth in back because its private and I don’t like allot of attention when I eat. Briana sat next to me not because she just sat there but because I commanded her to, my dad sat across from me. The waiter came and asked for our drink orders “May I please have a diet Sprite” she wrote it down on her not pad ,then glanced at Briana “ can I have a diet Coke please” she marked it on her booklet and look at my dad “um ill have a diet Coke too please” “ okay sir I will be back to take your order in a few minutes” said the waiter. When the waiter left Briana looked at me and squeeled “Hailey….your going to bootcamp Hailey you did it , I told you you could”my dad looked at Briana and smiled “we both knew she could” within 5 minutes the waiter came back and asked for our orders “ um may I please have a perri perri chiken wrap please” Briana looked at me and said “ um can I please have what she said” and my dad said “um can I please have a corter perri perri chiken with chips” Briana’s head shot up by the word “chips” she looked at me and asked “arent chips frenchfries?” “yea Brii they are” I said with a smile she then looked at the waiter “ does my order come with Chips?” the waiter looked up at her “ no miss but if you would like I could place a extra order of chips for you” Briana smiled “yes please!” and then the waiter was off. Our meals came shortly after we orderd and we ate up, I only ate half of my wrap and Briana finished her whole wrap and her chips and she also took the other side of my wrap”Brii how come you can eat sooo much and your are soo skinny?” I asked “first of all im not skinny your jeans are smaller then mine you are a size 1 and im a size 3, we are both the same seize its just im portugues and I have a big bum” I chukkled at her answer “whatever you say BriiBrii” when we were done we made our way back to my house where my step mom Melissa and step sister Kylie were awaiting for my news, when I walked into the door they jumped on top of me and asked if I made it in. I wanted to play with their emotions so I started to fake cry when they asked so that they would think thati didn’t get threw, they looked at me sadly and said “im soo sorry hunny we could try again next year” after they said that I yealled “im just gonna go to my room AND PACK FOR BOOTCAMP!!” they all sqeeled including Briana, Melissa looked at me and said “Hailey we need to get you some new clothes for bootcamp you want to look your besdt if you are going to be on tv” I chuckled and looked up at Briana “shopping” I asked her “are you joking its my first time in england and y0u ask me to go shopping im not going to say no!” I went up to my room and changed into something different and briana came with me because I wanted her to change to. I lent her a skirt with a black studded flannel shirt I gave her printed leggings to wear under the skirt and tossed her a pair of black studded combat boots. Then I put on my black longsleave studded dress that flows out mid waiste and put a pair of leggings under and a pair of studded combat boots and let my blond hair go loose on my back with the natural waves and Briana let her brown long hair go loose on her back. We went down stairs about 45 minutes later ready to leave and go shopping we got into the car me and Briana in the back seats and Melissa and Kylie in the front. We finally pulled into Topshop. We went inside and I literally tried on the whole store and bought nearly half of it Briana got a few things that I bought for her refusing to let her pay. then we went to forever 21 and I bought about 7 pairs of trousers,10 shirts,5 dresses,3 skirts,leggings and 2 pairs of baggy sweat pants.at 5:30 we were back home briana and I just wanted to have some time alone so we orderd a pizza and went to my room.we sat on my bed and were talking “Hailz” she said “im gonna miss you but I will watch x-factor everytime its on I swear and I will text you every day! Hailz for goodness sakes you are leaving in 3 days im so exited for you,and listen there are gonna be some hot guys.. just promise you’ll put a good word In for me?” I laughed and hit her with a pillow “Brii you know I will but even if there are smashing lads none of them will look at me” “you and your English humor! I just want FOOD!” “Brii iv never seen anyone eat as much as you and not weigh 300 pounds!” she giggled the door bell rang and I ran downstirs with my wallet and opend the door “um two pizzas one with pepperoni and one with only cheese” said the man behind the door “yea that’s us how much will that be?”I asked “€15 please” I handed him the money and took the pizza’s “thanks” I said before closing the door and going into the kitchen to get a few cans of diet coke and going to my room “Brii The Notebook or Love Actually?” I yelled at her “no need to yell and ummmmm The Notebook” I put the notbook into the dvd player and started eating the pizza I ate 1 piece of cheese pizza before going for a piece of pepperoni but when I tried to reach for one there were none left “Briana what the heck you ate a whole pizza?!” she looked at me “mhm I was starving!!” I looked at her and rolled my eyes “but we ate like 3 hours ago!” I said to her “exactly my point!” I laughed and ate another piece of pizza before I groaned and yelled “im soo full!” Briana looked at me “Hailey you only ate 2 pieces and your full that’s not normal I ate a full pizza and im still hungry!” “Well I’m full so can we please continue the movie it’s my favorite part” three days passed and now im on my way to bootcamp I said goodbye to briana yesterday when she got on the plane back to Canada

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