Where it all Began

Hailey is a 16 year old girl who auditions for the x-factor at the same time as one direction,what will happen when they both make it threw,when they both develop feeling for each other??
read this and find out <33
ps: this story has little mix on the x-factor the same time the boys were on i know that they weren't but its my story so deal with it, i also took out Perrie, i LOVE Perrie but i just i dunno wanted to be her maybe -__-
hope u enjoy :D


1. 1

I woke up this morning with a nervous feeling in my stomach. I slept all of one hour last night because I was so nervous about what would happen today, my dad came into my room and told me it was time to get up so I looked at the clock 2:30am I groaned and turned over. About 5 minutes later I was out of bed and starting the shower got my bed clothes off and put them into the hamper and grabbed a towel from my towel closet outside my bathroom in my room. I got into the shower and started singing “leather and lace" by Stevie nicks I washed my hair with my coconut and strawberry shampoo and conditioner and washed my body with candy cane body wash. As I got out of the shower I took my brush and brushed threw my blond hair with darker roots and put in my brown contact lenses changing my eye color from blue to brown. I hopped out of the steamy bathroom and went to my closet I mumbled to myself “what to wear, what to wear” I pulled out a pair of red skinny jeans and a union jack baggy crop top on top not showing my stomach went onto my make-up counter and applied a thin coat of mascara with a coat of gel eye liner on top of my eye a little bit of red blush and a little bit of pink lip gloss. As I was finishing up my dad called as I glanced up at the clock 3:15am pretty good if I say so myslef. I walked down the stairs into the kitchen to have my dad give me a piece of bread with nutella my favorite! “Thanks daddy!” I said as he gave me my bread I took a deep breath and said to my dad “dad I’m really nervous I can’t do this I’m not well enough!! I feel like I’m goona throw up!” my dad gave me a sympathetic look and said “Hailz you are gonna do just fine but Hailey we need to leave now if you want to make it Hun” I threw the piece of bread out and grabbed my coat threw on my black toms and grabbed my phone before darting off the car and getting into the left side of the car.my dad locked the house up and got into the car next to me “Hailz take a deep breath its going to be ok i wouldnt let you do this if i didnt belive in you” i smiled weekly at what he said knowing that he belivived in me what amazing but i dont think anything will help,only time will tell.i snaped out of my little daydream when my dads car parcked i swear that my heart stopped for a few seconds.i looked at the clock it was 3:45am       i got out of the car neerly falling on my face my dad rushed over to me and grabbed my hand in reasurance.then we started to walk we finally got to the stadium and there were hunderds of people waiting in line for there shot,the moment that could change their life and maybe possibly mine.i got into the line and i was shacking and shacking for witch seemed like days and maybe even weeks until i got to the bigging of the line where they were giving out the numbers i got to the desk and filled out a few papers with simple questions full name :Hailey Nicole Lew ,place of birth: South shield tyne and wear ,Date of brith:March 27 1993 and a few more. I handed in the papers and got my number “5561527” and took my seat in the waiting room i got extremely nervous everytime i saw someone come out.tears flooding from there eyes and lots and lots of cusing finally i was 3 seats away from being seen by Simon Cowell Nicole sursinger and Louis..not so sure his last name “5561527” said the man behind the curtins, i got up with my dad and walked up to the stairs waiting for the person before me to finish their performance.

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