Irresistible (sequel to that cute guy across the street)

Liam comes back from the xfactor but he has a suprise for catherine but she doesnt like it.


17. You should know....

                    He took my hand. "You should know something though." I looked at him confused. "i know you're confused but i have to leave for our up all night tour in a month."

                      I looked at the ground. "So you're just gonna leave me here again?"

                      He lifted my chin up with his finger. "Nope. You're coming with me."

                      I looked at him and bit my lip. "Are you sure thats a good idea. Like i dont want to be in the way. Or get attacked my any more paparzzi."

                      "I'm positive it is. Please just say you'll come!" He begged.

                       "Alright. I promise you i will come!" I said.

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