Irresistible (sequel to that cute guy across the street)

Liam comes back from the xfactor but he has a suprise for catherine but she doesnt like it.


10. Whos that tapping on my car window?

                     I sat in my car with my head in my hands. "THIS IS SO FUCKING STUPID!" I screamed. "IM SO SICK OF THIS SHIT!"

                       There was a tap on my car window. It was Liam. "Open up. We need to talk." He begged.

                       "No! Leave me alone! We dont need to talk about anything! I dont have time to go over how big of a douche bag you are!" I screamed.

                        "You say that a lot about me." He said and smiled.

                       I rolled my eyes. "Do me a favor and just stay away from me."

                      He swallowed. "No. Im not going to. Why? You mean to much to me. Im not gonna just gonna sray away from you but i will be angry at you."

                         "Look,Im sorry i yelled at you okay."

                         "You think thats why i'm mad at you? You shut out anyone who can possibly care about you. Its gotta be lonely there. Maybe you should stop shutting me out and accept the fact that i care."

                         I laughed. "You- You care? Really. If you cared you wouldve kept your promises or at least told me about her before! So really you can say that you care? Yeah no you dont."

                         "I'm dealing with this!" He said.

                        I got out of the car. "I never said you had too!" He started walking away. "Are you seriously just gonna walk away from me right now! God you're such a brat!"

                             He started walking back towards me. "I'm a brat? Really i'm a brat? Really. Have you not seen yourself at all today! Ive never seen someone act so selfish!"

                           I laughed. "Have you not seen yourself! Just because you're some big star do you expect me to apologize! seriously liam! you're fucking joking. You're attitude sucks!" I yelled.

                           "Well you're a grade A pain in my ass and I know you're hooking up with andy. Yeah You arent just playing scrabble. How many points for the word. Slut." He shouted back.

                            "Jesus Christ! Of course you would think that! Sorry! He's my only other friend in this town! Sorry for hanging out with him like twice! Sorry we had tea! OH GOD LOOK IM HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH ANDY WE HAD TEA ITS ALL SERIOUS NOW." I yelled.

                              "You're pathetic." He snarled

                              "Well you're a joke just like yours and danielles relationship." I fired back and got in my car. I drove home.

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