Irresistible (sequel to that cute guy across the street)

Liam comes back from the xfactor but he has a suprise for catherine but she doesnt like it.


4. Snooping

           I opened the door just a crack to hear what they were talking about. I heard my name come out of Liams mouth. " Catherine just ran off, do you know why shes so upset?"

         Then i heard Andy throwing a screaming fit. "You! Dude! You broke your promise to her again! Remember what you said! As soon as you get back you two would date! But nope! You got someone else and shes fucking crushed!"

            "I didnt think it was anything serious i thought she would have a boyfriend by now." Liam said.

             I ran out to the living room. "Nope! i dont! I waited for you! But oops my mistake!" I screamed tears just flooding out of my eyes.

               "Please dont cry i hate seeing you like that." He whispered

               "Why the hell should i believe anything you say. Promise breaker!" I screamed and ran outside.

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