Irresistible (sequel to that cute guy across the street)

Liam comes back from the xfactor but he has a suprise for catherine but she doesnt like it.


12. Now im the one with the dirty mouth

                          Liam and i stood there for two hours. Kissing. I pulled away. "Liam. What the actual fuck is going on here." I asked.

                           "Just shhh." He said leaning in to kiss me again.

                            I put my hand on his lips. "No. Tell me why are you doing this." I begged.

                            "Because. I love you..." He said sheepishly.

                              I sighed and my eyes watered. "No. No you dont. If you did then you wouldnt-"

                               "Be dating danielle. I know. But, I seriously thought you moved on and i though i needed to as well. But seriously. You are so much more. I realized seeing you and fighting you was when i knew i loved you. I know some people say its so wrong but even when we fight you turn me on." He said and blushed;.

                                "If you mean that then, you obviously have to break up with danielle." I said.

                                  "I know but, i cant."

                                  I gave him a dirty look." If you cant then i cant do this." I gave him the box and opened up the door. My eyes water again. Why does he make me so emotional. "I guess you can be on your way. Have a wonderful relationship."

                                   He looked at me. He closed the door. He got down on his knees. "Please forgive me for this. I do want you but, its just....You wouldnt get it."

                                   "Get up. I know what i can and cant get. I get that fact that im still your little toy." I opened the door and pushed him out.

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