Irresistible (sequel to that cute guy across the street)

Liam comes back from the xfactor but he has a suprise for catherine but she doesnt like it.


14. Inside his house

                     He laid me down on his couch. "Im so sorry this happened to you. This is what i didnt want."

                     "Its fine. Can you please just get me some ice or something. My lip feels like its swelling."

                      He ran and got frozen peas. I laughed at him. "I broke up with danielle." He blurted out.

                      My mouth dropped open. "What? How did she take it."

                      "She understood. She knew how you felt." He said.

                     I grinned. "You know what would make my lip feel better."

                      "I dont know this." He said and kissed me.

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