Irresistible (sequel to that cute guy across the street)

Liam comes back from the xfactor but he has a suprise for catherine but she doesnt like it.


20. Beach!!

        Liam and I arrived at the beach right around 2. It wasn't really busy which is weird for this time of day. I shrugged my shoulders and put my feet on the hot sand. I was really dreading this now. Liam took my hand and led me to a spot underneath a tree. He took of his shirt and smiled at me. I gave him a half smile and looked at the ground. "Im not going in there." i whispered.

       Liam frowned. "But why? You're absolutely beautiful and you have a gorgeous body. You have no reason to hide it. Yes nobody is perfect but you are pretty damn close baby."

       I blushed really hard. i loved it when he called me baby. Always have and always will. I sat on the ground. "Liam i am not going. I dont want to be exploited on a cover of a magazine or be called a whale or anything like that. I know they will do this to me and you know i cant take that.. Im not stable enough..." i said fighting back the tears.

       He sat down and kissed me. "Catherine.... please for me..."

       I rolled my eyes and took off my wrap. I immediately crossed my arms. He picked me up bridal style and started running towards the water. I couldn't help but laugh as he threw me into the ocean. 

      He came over and started to kiss me. He gradually started to move down to my neck. "Liam... We cant do this here. Not now.."

   He slid his hands down my back until he reached my swimsuit bottoms. He slid them off in a quick motion. He ran his hands back up my back and untied my swimsuit top. He slid two fingers into me making me gasp for air. He smashed his lips on mine and forced his tongue in my mouth gaining full dominance. He continued to pump his fingers faster. I started to scratch his back needing something to hold onto. He took his fingers out and took off his trunks. He pressed my body right onto his and his thrusted right into me making my hips start bucking uncontrollably. "Liam..." I moaned breathlessly. He pressed his lips to my neck and started biting. I grabbed onto his hair gently pulling it. His thrust started to become sloppy and i knew he was almost there. He hit his high and began using me for strength. "can we get out now.." i asked

   He smiled. "nope because we are naked."



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