My Brother Harry Styles

My name is Mia Styles and my brother is pop star
Harry Styles. But I don't like to tell anyone because
they will just use me. But now Harry is back from tour life
is definitely gonna change.


1. He is Back

I could hear a car driving in to the driveway and quickly looked outside of my window. Oh no Harry was home with the boys and I was just so scared and exited.

“Mia the guys are here, come down and say hello!” My mom yelled from downstairs.

 I just panicked on the spot I couldn’t go down there what if the guys didn’t like me or Harry wasn’t happy to see me. I ran down the hall quietly and slammed the door and ran back to my room. My best friend Marj taught me that, it makes your parents think you’re in the bathroom. I could hear the front door open and my mom squealing and the boys saying hello. I could hear multiple bags drop which my guess where their luggage’s. I have now made up my mind I couldn’t face Harry well not then or the boys. I slip on my high tops and a hoodie. I could hear footsteps coming up the stairs and my mother’s voice humming. I quickly grab my bag open my window and close it when I got to the ladder. I quickly got down and ran as fast as I could to the next block. I know that it was wrong but I just had to. I texted my two friends Marj and Carter to meet me at Marj’s tree house in her yard.  I got there in about 7 minutes, but of course Marj was already there and I saw Carter running down the street.

            Marj and Carter both knew about Harry and the guys and totally knew why I called them there. We joked around a bit and played truth or dare, then I heard my phone beep that I had a text.

“Mia where are you young lady I am worried sick your only a 12 year old girl you cannot sneak out of the house like that!!!!”

“Mom sry sry sry, but I am fine I am with Marj in her tree house. I will be home very soon! Bye” I texted back.

“Hey guys my mom is freaking out right now I have to head home in like half an hour.” I said because I must have been in her tree house for what now 2 hours. They nodded and we hung out a little more then I had to finally leave, they both offered to walk me home so I accepted. We were heading down the street and I could see my house. I kept thinking how could me and Marj be friends with Carter he was the most popular guy in school all the girls liked him. Marj and me were not popular we didn’t stand out we were invisible in school by almost everyone. It was getting very dark and the street lights had already been turned on. Well I hugged Marj and Carter and told them I would text them very soon.

I entered the door very quietly and heard that they were having dinner I quickly snuck upstairs to my room. I knew my mom would get mad at me if I didn’t have dinner so I went down stairs. I quickly walked into the dining room to find pizza and my mom and the guys staring at me. I quickly took a seat next to my mother and took a slice of cheese pizza.

“Umm hello Mia nice to see you.” Harry said smiling.

“Hi” I whispered while focusing on my pizza. I could feel all the guys’ eyes on me.

“Mia you could have been kidnapped or gotten hurt, what were you thinking?” My mom said to me in front of all the guys.

“What is going on here?” Harry asked confused.

“Your sister Mia snuck out of the house, and she also got home 2 in a half hours later. Who knows what she was doing maybe she could have been doing something dangerous.” Mom told Harry while the boys just laughed and kept eyeing me.

“I mean she is already grounded for not doing good in school!” mom said I little bit more harshly.

“Wow ummm okay then…..” Harry said and continued to look straight at me.

“Mom I am so sorry okay, I …I …I just had to go see my friends.” I said

“Well atleast they walked you home and were with you this whole time.” Mom said.

I was silent while everyone else struck up conversations.

“Mia this is Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn.” Harry said as the boys waved to me.

I gave them a little nod and kept nibbling my pizza. Then as soon as everyone was done eating they found were they were sleeping and staring moving in. I ran up to my room as soon as my mom dismissed me. I started texting Marj and Carter really random conversations and just laughed at stupid stuff we have done in the past. Then I heard my door open and Harry walked in, he sat down on my bed and started to speak.

“How come you didn’t say hi to me and the guys when we came?” Harry asked confused.

“I don’t know they might not like me or you might not even want me to be here.” I said looking straight into his eyes.

“Mia no way, the guys think you are very shy but I am so happy to see you I have missed having you around so much.” Harry said pulling my into a light hug.

“Thanks Harry” I said while getting my things ready for tomorrow.

“Well Harry I have to go to sleep in 2 hours but I can still watch a movie with you and the guys and get to know them better.” I said hopping he would think it’s a great idea.

“Great” he said rushing out of my room.

I walk down the stairs and into the living room and sit down on the couch. We start watching a movie and it was pretty funny. Niall was laughing the loudest the whole time he was so fun to be around. Zayn  kept playing with his hair every 5 minutes he was so obsessed with it. Louis was eating popcorn while laughing along with Harry. And Liam was helping my mom with the dishes and dancing around the kitchen. Later on we talked a bit and I had to get ready for bed. As soon as I got to my room I brushed my blond, yes blonde hair and put on my pajamas. I turned off the light and slipped into bed it took my just a couple minutes to find the right spot and I was off into a deep and heavy sleep.

This was going to be very interesting having Harry and four other guys in my house my life might just change and become much better.

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