In an alternate reality, the first "contagious mental disease" is sweeping the world. A group of teenagers are on the run from an organisation that are never seen, but all they know is that they have to find something called the honeypot.


4. In which Clara, Tibs and Max dispose of a body.

The west way that was visited at four o'clock on a Saturday morning was usually desolate at any given time of the day, save for the occasional person on a lonely pilgrimage to the shops or a group of boys who'd smoke their minds to mush. Headlights illuminated the concrete walls as beamed spilled upwards over the hill and through to the lake. A cars motor could be heard whirring in the distance but could not be seen. The whirring ceased but the lights of the car remained on as they outlined the three silhouettes that emerged from it.

"I mean, something bad always happens to me when I try to get with a girl, but let me tell you, not as fucking bad as this!" Max moaned while pulling out the body from the trunk. Tibs was standing firmly next to Clara, hands in pockets, still shaking, while Clara smoked with arms folded. Both were unsmiling and unimpressed by Max's reaction of an almost human nature to the events. He continued to whimper with contempt as he wearily pulled the body out onto the cold hard ground. Somehow, the day-glo curves didn't seem to appeal to him as much as they had. Taking great care to not look at the mess Tibs had made of her face, he began to drag the body towards the lake, moaning all the while. Clara turned her back on him and smiled to Tibs.
"I liked him much better when he wasn't talking." Realising Clara was referring to the kiss, Tibs looked down at her ever riveting shoes.
"I realise it must be hard to get over the fact you've killed someone." She heard Clara say, "But you mustn't let it get to you, there's people who have taken plenty more lives than you." Tibs cross her arms and mumbled to her chest.
"Doesn't make it okay though."

Before Clara had time to question Tibs' mumbling she jumped to the sound of Max over her shoulder.
"Hey, just assuming you're both experts on this thing, but how the fuck do you stop a corpse from floating? Y'know, kind of new to this whole psychopath thing." Clara rolled her eyes, and put her hand on Tibs' shoulder.
"Wait here for a second hun." Tibs nodded as she opened the car door and looked to Clara for approval who smiled at Tibs warmly and started to follow Max under the west way. She went about halfway till she turned back, pointing at Tibs with a new found fondness.
"I never asked your name." Tibs rested her two hands on the edge of the door, smiled bashfully back and then said,
"Tibs." Clara nodded warmly, still walking backwards.
"Oi sugartits, bit of help over here!" She sighed and rotated back. Her body was soon consumed by darkness face first until all Tibs knew of the situation sitting in the front seat was cursing and splashing.

Once the car was full and moving again, nobody said much. Lights and shadows passed and covered each passenger in turn. Tibs had given in to her eyelids' war against her sight, while Max and Clara embraced the nightlife hat they both knew so well. Clara's grip tightened on the wheel before she spoke.
"I think you may as well know that your lives are going to be a bit different from now on," she said "They've seen you with me, so now they'll be after you too."
"What? Oh Jesus Christ." Max threw his arms up and rested them between his legs, "How was I supposed to know the intentions of a quick shag would turn into being in cahoots with a fucking criminal!"
" I am not, a criminal."
"You act like one."
"Just because I'm running from something, doesn't necessarily mean I'm running from something I did." Max leaned forward to breathe in her neck, be barely moved his lips when he next spoke.
"I don't know...are you?" Clara's lips parted a little and then looked down in mock shame.
"I pissed off a couple guys cause I told them I had something they wanted." Max raised an eyebrow in disbelief of this woman. "And now they're obviously wanting to kill me. I have men though." She made a sweeping motion with her hand. "To keep me safe, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were all dead though." Max's smile has disappeared from his face and he stroked Clara's hair behind her ear.
"And this thing you said you had, must've been important right?" He felt Clara toss her hair back and his eyes were drawn to a four fingered hand squeezing the wheel.
"Yeah, it was worth so so much money..."
"What was it?" Clara took a deep breath and concentrated on the road ahead as she exhaled and spoke at once.
"I don't know, something all the big organisations are after nowadays, some think its going to give them the power over everyone when the end comes, some think its gonna cure cancer." Max stifled a laugh and leaned back in his seat.
"And what is it?"
"Something all the big bears are looking for," Clara crooned. "A honeypot."
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