In an alternate reality, the first "contagious mental disease" is sweeping the world. A group of teenagers are on the run from an organisation that are never seen, but all they know is that they have to find something called the honeypot.


3. In which Clara and Tibs go clubbing.

The night was getting darker, as soon, the haze of the streetlights were the only thing illuminating the brown city sky. The two girls were filling their minds with smoke and Tibs' stale tongues hunger for material ceased. The smoke was stinging her eyes, but she did not make her glistening tears apparent, as she stared up at the crouching stranger.
"You're very nice to me." Said Tibs, stifling a cough as she did so. The girl smiled down at her through her lashes as she dropped the butt to the floor, and stamped on it with her thin heel.
"You needed help and I didn't have anything else better to do." She explained, scraping the debris from the bottom of her heel.
"You don't? You looked like you were going clubbing or to a fancy party or something."
"Do you wanna?" Tibs smiled, and seeing no reflection in laughter, her face dropped in nervous disbelief.
"What? You mean,"
"Yes now, after all, I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go to." She smiled fully for the first time, "My name's Clara, by the way."

Twenty minutes later Tibs pale skin was illuminated with a rainbow of colours as she sat cross-legged on a bar stool. Her fingers were constantly finding their way to run through her new hair and picking out the tiny cut hairs between her fingers. She sipped her drink anxiously as she took another hesitant look up to the dance floor. She caught a glimpse of hips grinding and quickly looked down at her pink reflection in her beverage. She zipped up her parka and cradled her drink, wishing she was somewhere else. She avoided people like they were diseased in her old life, and judging by the way they were acting here, she was thoroughly convinced they were mentally. Girls were coated in outrageous colours like second skins, men were misogynic and were blindly intoxicated. As she dropped her head to her chest and became aware of how she smelled, she was wondering if she really was the normal one.

"Bloody brilliant isn't it?" Tibs looked up to see a gangly skinny boy take a seat next to her, spreading his upper arms over the bar behind him. He sniffed excessively and rubbed his nose as if dirty, crossing his legs and looking acutely through the crowds as if twitching. Tibs blushed intensely as she looked everywhere but his face.
"What is?" He boy made a motion with his hands and big grin spread across his face.
"The ladies," he smiled, with great erotic emphasis on the word, gently rolling off his tongue. "So many lovely looking girlies here tonight, you know what I mean?" He rolled his head over to look at Tibs, and she automatically shut down the eye contact.
"Like that one." He said. "The smasher in the white dress." Tibs didn't need to look up from her suddenly interesting shoes to know who he was talking about.
"That's my friend Clara."
"Your friend? Seriously? You think you could introduce her to me?"
Tibs shook her head.
"She's too glamorous for you," Tibs stared on at Clara's tanned body in her pristine dress. "She's too glamorous for anybody."
"Well lovely, I shall prove you wrong." Clara smiled a flirty goodbye to the latest victim of her charms, and left for the toilet.
"Looks like my luck is looking up, no thanks to you." He graciously offered Tibs a middle finger as he started off after Clara. Tibs suddenly felt her blood boil as she thought of his hands on Clara's perfect skin, and she jumped out of her seat, and set off after him through the lights and aliens.

She reached the crack of the women's toilets, the entrance to the only natural light in the bar. She peered through the crack and caught a vertical view of his lips locked with hers. Tibs immediately recoiled from the doorway, as if given an electric shock. She blinked rapidly, recollected herself and slowly looked back to see that they were still kissing. She stared intently at his lips slowly massaging Clara's and couldn't take her eyes off for a second. The beauty of kissing completely contrasted from the almost post-apocalyptic settings of the bathroom, a sink torn off the wall, toilet paper was strewn in shreds everywhere, a woman was passed out in the corner and a smell that would be almost noticeable if Tibs had not been transfixed with the growing arousal of the couple.

Suddenly, she saw something in the corner stir. Taking her eyes off Clara and the cocky boy for a second, she realised it was the girl who had passed out. For the first time in the girls life, her face said more than her outrageous dress. Empty, soul less eyes were sunken in to her orange face and her hands were feeling the walls around her as if blind. She was staring almost as intently as Tibs had at the couple, slowly staggering towards them with unsteady but confident footing. Clara's doe eyes sprung open and she broke away from the kiss. She tapped the boy on the shoulder and he turned round to the slowly advancing girl.
"Well look who it is! Hello my angel-face!" He smiled at the girl, "So now you're interested now that I've got someone else?" Suddenly, the girls eyes widened with recognition of Clara, and lunged for her, screaming like a maniac.

The next few seconds happened so fast that Tibs could not have done anything more than to throw the door open and scream Clara's name. The girl began to sprint after Clara, animalistic hunger in her eyes. The boy grabbed the insane girls shoulders and pushed her back against the wall. She screamed as she reached for Clara's throat again.

Suddenly, the pretty face became a bludgeoned mess as it made contact with a sink that was thrown in its direction. The crimson mess that used to have an identity fell to the ground along with the sack of meat that came with it.
Max fell to his knees, feeling the specks of red that had smacked him in the face. Clara gently massaged his shoulder, speaking soothing words with un obvious syllables. He turned round to see Tibs breathing unevenly between sobs and holding the door frame as if it would crumble around her.
'Two kills within a day,' she thought, 'you would've thought I'd have got over it.'
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