Run Aways into Love (One Direction Fan Fiction)

When Sarah and Christina (SISTERS) run away from home because of bullying at school and their parents hating them, what happens when they run into Zayn Malik and Niall Horan? Will the boys completely change their lives? What will the girls do? What happens when their ex-boyfriends show up at their doorstep when the guys are there?

Read to find out, Thanks Loves - Sarah


2. Is that really them?!

                                   Sarah's POV:


While running, we bumped into five guys. I looked up to see the #1 most famous boyband in the world, ONE DIRECTION!!!!! I looked at them and then seen that all my things were scattered all around us.

"Hello, loves, may i ask what all this is?" Liam asked.

"I-I-I-I..." I stuttered.

"Are you lost?" Harry asked us worriedly.

"Well, ummm, yeah, umm, kind of." Christina replied.

"Why don't you girls come to our concert tonight backstage and then tell us what happened, that ok?" Louis said.

We starred but finally said, "Yes, and oh, we are huge directioners." They smiled. I noticed that Niall kept starring at me. I looked into his eyes and blushed. He smiled and turned away. Zayn kept looking at Christina and smiling. I seen her looking at him but everytime she looked him into the eyes she blushed, turned away, then looked back at him. Niall grabbed my hand, entwined our fingers, and started smirking. Zayn grabbed Christina's hand and entwined their fingers. Me and Christina looked at each other and smiled before looking back at the boys. We started walking towards their vehicle. Instead of telling them our story of why we ended up here and what we were doing and telling them it at the concert backstage, we told them on the way there and the got very sad which made me and Christina start crying and they boys holding us tightly in their arms kissing our foreheads\, saying "Everything is gonna be alright. You can stay with us as long as you like, my loves."

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