Run Aways into Love (One Direction Fan Fiction)

When Sarah and Christina (SISTERS) run away from home because of bullying at school and their parents hating them, what happens when they run into Zayn Malik and Niall Horan? Will the boys completely change their lives? What will the girls do? What happens when their ex-boyfriends show up at their doorstep when the guys are there?

Read to find out, Thanks Loves - Sarah


1. Bullies

                                                                   Sarah's POV:


Another day at school where people call me names, push me around, and spread more rumors. Hey my name is Sarah. I'm 19 years old. Blue eyes. Kind of tall. Long Blonde straight hair. I have a sister too. Her name is Christina, shes 19 as well but shes a few months older than me. Shes kind of tall. Blue eyes. Blonde long wavy/straight hair. We are huge Directioners!!!!! Except the fact that everyone practically hates us. Even our parents. We got abused a lot and our ex-boyfriends abused us as well. So today after school we are doing what we planned to do ever since Junior High but never had the guts, "Run Away." We are on the bus on our way home and we got pushed around the bus. People threw things at us. I got punched in the face and Christina blocked herself before the person punched her in the face. Than we got off of the bus, ran inside, grabbed the things we packed, jumped out the window, and ran to where ever our adventure took us. 


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