Run Aways into Love (One Direction Fan Fiction)

When Sarah and Christina (SISTERS) run away from home because of bullying at school and their parents hating them, what happens when they run into Zayn Malik and Niall Horan? Will the boys completely change their lives? What will the girls do? What happens when their ex-boyfriends show up at their doorstep when the guys are there?

Read to find out, Thanks Loves - Sarah


3. Backstage

                                                              Sarah's POV:


When we arrived backstage of the concert, the guys got pulled away from us to go get ready. Paul looked at us weirdly, as in asking why we were here or who we are. He decided to just shrug off the fact, turned around, and walked towards the boys' dressing room. Me and Christina told the management why we were here. They understood and led us to a dressing room as well, until the boys' concert started, they told us we could just freshen up with clean clothes and wait for the guys. We both wore skinny jeans and converse, i had on a purple tank top with a half shirt of the Irish flag and Christina had on a pink tank top with a half shirt of the British flag. I brushed my hair and kept it down, beautiful and straight. Christina put hers into a messy bun but it was still cute. We put on our One Direction jackets that we had brought with us from home/not anymore. I looked into the mirror and Christina came up behind me and smiled at our reflections. 

"Your really pretty sis." Christina said to me. I smiled at her.

"Thanks, you are to." i said. She smiled back but i could tell it was totally fake and she was sad on the inside. To be honest, i was really sad too.

"Sarah?" She asked.

"Yes?" I looked at her confused.

"Your the best, don't ever forget that, i don't know what i would do with a sister like you, and i am actually scared, but yet happy that i'm still gonna be with you, i love you sis." She said. I tried not to cry but i kind of let out a tear or two.

"Thank you, i wouldn't want to live without you either. Oh and may i ask you a question?" I asked smiling now.

"Sure! Whats up?" She was confused but yet excited that i was.

"Do you like Zayn?" I asked. She blushed but then nodded.

"Yeah, i seen the way you look at Niall, somebodies in looove!" She joked. I laughed and nodded.

Somebody knocked on the door. I went to open it to see the boys standing there. They looked so handsome in their outfits. I couldn't believe any of this was even true, but it was. 

"Hello loves." Liam said.

"Hey babes." Christina joked. I giggled.

"Oh so i'm your love?" Zayn asked.

"Yes you are!" I said happily.

"Hey Niall, guess what?!" Christina said.

"Yeah Chrissy?" Niall asked. Chrissy is her nickname.

"Sarah likes you." She said. I dropped my mouth opened, starred at her, and elbowed her.

"That's alright, Niall likes you back. That's all he talked about in the dressing rooms." Zayn said.

"Yeah, and Zayn likes Christina." Niall said.

"Aww well Chrissy likes you too, Zaynster." I said. I smiled at Christina. She blushed a bright pink.

"Ummm i have to go to the-the-the- oh i have to go to the bathroom," Christina stuttered. I laughed as the boys' managers called out.

"Your on stage in 5 minutes, lets go boys." He yelled from across the hall. The 5 boys exited the room. I followed them and stood backstage where i could watch their concert. Christina came back out and stood next to me.

"Yay, i love them soooo much!" She said.

"I know, me too! I'm happy to be here with them!" I replied.

We heard the boys yell "Hey we're One Direction!" and we kind of fangirled a bit. They managers told us to quiet down but we just laughed. This is gonna be one of the best nights ever!


*AUTHORS NOTE* Thanks for reading my story. Hope you like it so far. Plzz comment if you think im missing anything. Thanks Loves!!!!! - Sarah :-)

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