Daily Story Challenge-Month 7-A Parent's Promise


31. Day 30

Family 3: Part 10: The Final Instalment:


The figure watched. He simply...watched. The figure of his niece, laughing and talking with the older woman sent anger pulsing through his veins. Or was it something else? He couldn't know. If this was earth - what was hell like?

Perhaps this is living hell... he grumbled mentally. Yes, that would be an appropriate conclusion. He turned his attention back to his subject of observation and watched as she chuckled, leaning into the hug her aunt presented her with. Stupid exes. Maybe I'll got to hell like they keep telling me to - at least she won't be going there.


(I realise this month I've been slow in posting. I'm really behind. But not with good reason. I'll do my best to post around five entries per weekend, and the rest I will post in the week or update during August. The challenge is to stick with it. Not to write on time. Bye!)

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