Daily Story Challenge-Month 7-A Parent's Promise


29. Day 28

Family 1: Part 10: The Final Installment:


Blinking at the sun's light, Matilda Dunn reached for her sunglasses. Her fingers sifted around in golden sand, only to produce two shattered halves of the whole. Strangely, it left her amused.

Oh well, she made a type of mental shrug. The beach before her was almost full, but she could see her family easily. Her mother - and her new boyfriend. Not abusive so far... her synical side commented. And her boyfriend stood by the ice cream parlour, rifling through his wallet while the service woman held two 99p cones in her hands. She seem to be enjoying the weather like everybody else was, but the young woman wouldn't let it dampen her mood. Sighing contentedly, she allowed her imagination to float away, out over the sea, just because she could. She'd had enough of 'can't'.

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