Daily Story Challenge-Month 7-A Parent's Promise


23. Day 22

Family 1: Part 8:


Mara set her gaze on the card in the presenter's hand. Her heart was beating loudly n her ears to match the deafening rush of her mind - true or false? Which was it? No, wrong question. Which did she want it to be?

"We asked Angus if he had ever repeatedly punched, kicked, or harmed Matilda. He said no... He was telling the truth."

The audience seemed more than shocked. Innocent? But he seemed so guilty... A smirk crept onto his face at the small victory.

"We then asked him if he had ever abused her on a one time basis... He said no. Looks like you're not entirely clean - he was lying!"

Gasps, boos, and noises of acknowledgement rose from the crowd. The smirk fell.

"We asked Angus if he had ever acted aggressively in any way towards Matilda. He said no. Again, he was lying."

"Look, I-" he interjected the moment Emma had finished speaking.

"Dont try to deny it," Mara scowled at him, finally having worked up the courage to say her piece. "I didn't want to risk peace over silly rumours, but this confirms it! I shouldn't have let you stay..."

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