Daily Story Challenge-Month 7-A Parent's Promise


21. Day 20

Family 2: Part 7:


"Keiron, Bradley, over the past few years, how's your contact with Marcus been? Did you want that, did you ask for it?"

"You know, just saw him a couple of times, like once a month and things," Keiron was the first to answer, in a tone tinted with disappointment. Emma nodded slowly.

"And what about you, Bradley?" she pressed when the other male didn't answer.

"Call me Brad," he muttered gruffly before shrugging his shoulders as though it were of little consequence to him.

"You don't seem very-" she began to comment, when one of the backstage crew stepped out and whispered in her ear. "Ahh. Alright, I have the results for the DNA test. The father is..."

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