Daily Story Challenge-Month 7-A Parent's Promise


20. Day 19

Family 1: Part 7:


"Let's get to the point," Emma began. "When you came for the funeral, what made you stay?"

"Well, they're family aren't they?" Angus offered. Eyebrows raised amongst the crowd, and the hostess herself frowned. It was going to be much more difficult getting him to crack than other people. She couldn't decide whether he was being defensive or projecting an appearance of loyalty just to throw everyone off. Sometimes, this job gave her headaches...

"Okay. And what have you got to say to the rumours of you beating Matilda?"

"They're not true. I wouldn't hurt nobody!" he claimed. Matilda shot him a wary sideways glance that Emma could safely say was nothing to do with his poor grammar.

"We'll be the judge of that, the lie detector results are coming up soon!"

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