Don't You Leave Me

Nichole Horan is Niall Horan's sixteen year old cousin. Her and her older brother Mark is beat on a daily basis by their legal guardian who is also their cousin, Cole. One day Cole goes way too far and Nichole and Mark run away. But Cole goes after them, not giving up. What happens when the boys get more involved in the situation and Nichole falls for one of them?


2. Chapter Two

I wake up in a room full of white. The first thoughts were that i was either dead or captured. In this case death would probably be more welcoming. "Oh my gosh! Am i dead?!?!" i yell throwing my arms all through the air. A lady who i dont know just chuckles at me. "No dear, your not dead. You are in the hospital." She says. "Oh. Why am i here? I need to go. I need my bro-" i was cut off when i remembered Mark. He is not coming back. There were no more tears left and i am guessing my eyes are very red now. "Go where dear? We tried to see who you are but no one seemed to know." Mrs. Belle said. Taking a deep breath i began to tell her about my only living relative. "Well miss, i need to go to my cousin's house (good cousin). I ran away and now i want to go home. May i call him and tell him i am coming home?" I smoothly lied. Over the years of living with someone as cruel as mine and Mark's cousin you learn how to lie and be as quiet as a mouse. I am not entirely lying, but i did not runaway from him. His name is Niall and is very nice. I have not seen him in years though and i am hoping he will let me stay. "Ok. You sure can! The phone is over there. And what is your cousin's name darling?" She asked me. I remembered his name when i was little so i would never forget him. "Niall Horan. He is probably going to be very upset that i left." I say, of course lying again. I miss Niall. "Niall? As in THE Niall Horan?!?!" Mrs. Belle asks me bewieldered. Confused i just say "Yes. What of him?" I promise you her eyes just about pop out of her head. "He is famous! Your cousin is in a world wide known boy band! One Direction!" She excalims throwing her hands all about. Shocked can not even explain it. I mean, i always knew that Niall could sing. At my 6th birthday party Niall sang for me and it was so awesome. That was my last birthday party with Niall. After that Niall and his family moved away to Ireland, unknowingly leaving me and Mark with the worst possible person. Not showing any shock about it i just nod my head and say "I know. Cool huh?" "Very. What is your name?" She asks me. Boy i hope this will be her last question. "My name is Nichole Horan. I am sixteen years old and live with my cousin Niall." I say proudly. "Wow. Ok, go ahead and and give him a call and see when he can come get you." She says. Finally no more questions. Slowly i walk over to the phone and dial the memorized number. I hope he did not get a new number. "Hello? Who is this and how did you get my number?" Niall says sounding confused. I do a little happy dance and quickly stop seeing as no one can see. "Niall! Its me Nichole!" Then below a whisper i say into the phone "your cousin. Mark's little sister." I say. Silence. Then "Nichole! I havent seen you in forever! How are you doing? Where is Mark? Where are you?" Niall said in an excited tone. Still whispering i continue "I am not so good Niall. I need your help. Mark can not help me anymore and i am at the hospital." I say sadly. "Oh my gosh! I will do anything to help you! You know you have always been like a little sister to me. And why cant Mark help you? Where is he?" Niall asks me obviously confused. "Thank you Niall. You have been like a big brother to me. Mark..." I say taking a deep breath.

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