Don't You Leave Me

Nichole Horan is Niall Horan's sixteen year old cousin. Her and her older brother Mark is beat on a daily basis by their legal guardian who is also their cousin, Cole. One day Cole goes way too far and Nichole and Mark run away. But Cole goes after them, not giving up. What happens when the boys get more involved in the situation and Nichole falls for one of them?


3. Chapter Three

"Mark is dead. He was shot. That is why i need your help. I have no where to go. Can i come live with you for a while?" I ask praying he will say yes. "I am so sorry. I did not hear about that. Of course you can come. It will be a bit crowded with the six of us, but we have an extra room so of  course you can come." Niall says solemnly. Six? As far as i know there were never five of him. "Six? Who lives with you?" I ask interested. "Oh yeah. Well my band mates live with me too: harry, louis, liam, zayn, and me. Now you." He says. "Oh thats right. One Direction. I just heard about your band today." I say. "Really? Well that is okay. You will hear plenty of us later. So where are you, so i can send a limo for you?" Niall asked. "Alabama." I reply quickly. I know where i am. "Okay. We are touring in Europe and decided to stay in Mullingar. So that is only a few hours by plane. I should be there in about five hours or so." Niall says putting the phone down to tell the driver to take him to the airport. Seconds later he was back on. "Lucky you we were all just leaving the mall that is close to an airport.We will be boarding a plane soon and will be there before you know it!" He says. "Thank you so much Niall! You dont know how much this means to me. The boys are coming to?" I ask excitedly. Now i get to meet his band mates too! "Yeah! Are you excited?" Niall asks a little worriedly. "Yes i am very excited! I get to meet my favourite cousin's bandmates!" I say bouncing about. All i hear is laughing on the other end. Then Niall says "Ok well go ahead and get ready. We are boarding the plane now. We will see you in a few hours. Ok?" Niall asks me. "Yes siree!" I say saluting him. Niall laughs and with that the call ended. Mrs.Belle was silent the whole call and finally spoke up "So is he coming?" She asks me. "Yes he will be here in a few hours. So i may take a short nap before he comes." Mrs. Belle shakes her blonde hair and laughs quietly to herself. "Ok. The remote is right there and if you need anything then hit that button on the wall." Mrs.Belle said before walking out of the room. I turn the tv on and fall asleep watching tom and jerry. (Do not steal my story. It is copyrighted and i have it on my other account also. Just letting you know before hand)

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