Don't You Leave Me

Nichole Horan is Niall Horan's sixteen year old cousin. Her and her older brother Mark is beat on a daily basis by their legal guardian who is also their cousin, Cole. One day Cole goes way too far and Nichole and Mark run away. But Cole goes after them, not giving up. What happens when the boys get more involved in the situation and Nichole falls for one of them?


1. Chapter One

"Run! Why wont you run!" i scream at my big brother. "My foot is stuck in the log!" He yells frantically trying to free his leg. Sure enough his foot is stuck deep in the wood of an old log. I run to where my brother is and yank his leg as hard as i can. No luck. I hear a man's angry yelling coming from the right. he is close! "Look! Theres a rock! Try to smash the wood around my foot. If i cant get free, i want you to run as fast as you can." Mark told me. Though tears are forming in my eyes, i nod my head and grab at the rock. Furiously i beat at the wood and watch it chip away. We dont have enough time. All too soon our cousin came through the bushes holding a gun in one hand and a knife in the other. We are doomed. "Run!" Mark screams at me. I dont know what to do. Frozen in fear, i just stand beside Mark and beg my legs to go. The man is coming closer now making every second feel horrible. He is almost to us when Mark pushes me hard on the back. Finally my legs are working again. Taking one last look at Mark, i run. Where to? I dont know. Running through the woods at night scares me but what i am running away from scares me even more. Trees fly by every second and i pray that i dont run into any. I stop to catch my breath and listen. Nothing. "I wonder if maybe Mark got away..." Boom! My heart stops at the sound of the gun. Falling to my knees i sob. "Mark is gone. My brother is gone." I say weeping. Now i am curled up in a ball with my whole body shaking from crying so hard. I am not sure how long i stayed there just crying for my brother. At the last of my tears i pick myself up and look for a road. That is what Mark would have done. He would say to look for more people that wont hurt me. Choking back a sob i stumble through old logs and piles of leaves. I realize that i have a deep cut on my leg that is startingto ooze nasty white stuff, but i dont care. "So tired." I mumble trying not to fall. I see lights. Not the kind of lights when you are dying, but road lights! "Im almost there." I say . The excitement isnt enough to wake me up and i fall on my side, exhasuted. I want to get up, but i cant. Nothing will move. Scared, thats all i am. Only able to open my eyes i look and see that i fell on hard pavement. Road. "I made it." I said before losing consciousness.

This story is under copyrights. Do not steal my story. But i do hope you like it. :) This story is also on Wattpad under the same name but my username is Bittersweetie003. Anyways continue on!)

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