Larry Stylinson

They say, love is love. Yet we're judged. They say, words don't hurt. Yet I'm in pain. They say, be yourself. But you can't. They make it impossible. They tell me, Louis Tomlinson, to be someone I'm not.


1. Prolouge

   My lips brushed against his neck. "Tell me you'll be here, you'll be mine." I whispered, my voice full of lust.

   "I promise." His voice was deep, and rough. His lips crashed against mine, so full of force and love. I ran my hands through his soft, brown hair as we kissed passionately. I parted my lips slightly and he did the same, allowing my tongue entrance into his mouth. I explored his mouth thoroughly, as if it was an uncharted land. And to me, it was. He ran his hand along my side, his large, warm hand against my cool skin, and every spot he touched was overcome by a burning sensation. He gently bit my lower lip, causing a low moan to escape from me.

   He pulled back, ever so slightly, and created a small gap between us. It shredded my heart. "Shh," he whispered, caressing my cheek with his thumb. "We have to be quiet." I nodded my understanding, but, not being able to supress the feeling of longing, pressed my lips to his once more. 

   I gently pressed him up against the locked door, with darkness softly pushing against us from all sides, giving us a sheild, giving us time to just live. I could feel his warm breath on my face as we kissed. His mouth moved away from mine and found my neck, where he sucked on a small spot before moving down again. It was becoming very difficult to stay quiet.

   His lips swept across my collarbone, leaving small suction marks as he went. I bit down hard on my lip, and within seconds I could taste blood. His beautiful hands skimmed my stomach and chest, as he lifted my shirt. I helped him pull it completely off. He did the same with his own shirt. His hands slid down to my hips, then to the front of my jeans as he undid them. I inhaled sharply as he touched me, and held my breath for a couple seconds willing my heart to calm down. But it refused. I reached out and placed my hand over his heart, and felt the unsteady, excitable heartbeat of his own. He stared intensely into my eyes, as I gazed lovingly back. The thin line his lips had set into broke into a warm smile. I smiled back.

   His lips made their way back to my body again, kissing my stomach. I pulled off my pants, and his came off, too. He continued to caress my skin, using his tongue as well as his lips. I couldn't control my voice any longer, as I groaned loudly. I wasn't quieted this time, though. 

   A light, happy feeling soaked in pleasure was slowly consuming me, starting at the edges of my body and working its way inward. It was a new expierience- and I think I liked it. 


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