Reality Ruined My Life

You can just say that reality ruined her life.
Katia Green. 18. American. Bullied. Friendless. Dreamer. In her own world. A land full of happiness and perfection.
As you can tell, Kat is nothing. Just a light-headed teenager who happens to fall hopelessly in love. With none other than Niall Horan, of the famous Brit/Irish boy band, One Direction.


1. Asking Myself That Simple, Yet Troubling Question

"My name? Why do you want MY name?" Thats my usual answer to the question. The question everyone seems to demand to know.

Then I usually answer. Usually. 

"Katia Green. Kat please." Holding out my hand, I smile and wait for them to grab my hand. Usually not. Thats not how most 12th graders introduce themselves.

Then I frown and walk away, shaking my head. Only 2 people have ever actually shook my hand and smiled back. And those turned out to be the most back-stabbing witches there ever were.

No, I stand corrected. ONE OF THEM was. Gwen Anansi. But the other one, Emma Sharon, was my best friend.

Until my father moved.

Then I had to move, and leave poor Emma behind with that weird brainless freak, Haden Towers. My other best friend.

We called him a weird brainless freak. If you didn't already know ;)

So, anyway, back to the present. There was a preppy looking teenage girl waiting in front of me.

"Oh, hello there." I smiled and waved. The girl furrowed her eyebrows.

"Who are YOU?" Eh. Not the question.

"I am me." I giggled. The girl rolled her eyes.

"No duh! Whats your NAME, smart-mouth?"

"My name? Why do you want to know MY name?" I smiled and held out my hand after a moment of silence.

"Katia Green. I'd prefer Kat, please." The girl raised her eyebrows. 

"Yeah, real nice. I'm Emily Perkins. Head of the cheerleading squad. Whats with all that... You know what? Nevermind. So. Katia." I automatically corrected her.


"Ugh. Katia, Kat, whatever. You seem like a good cheerleader. Wanna try out?" I shook my head, walking away. Looking behind my shoulder, I called out,

"Thanks, but no thanks. I don't become part of a crew. I MAKE a crew. And I'd rather be on the football team." 

Just like that, I made my first enemy.


I clutched my backpack, not wanting to fall. The ground was wet and I wasn't wearing rainboots. But who WOULD? They are so ugly!

No, TOMS are mah thang ;) Love them!

I have like every pair. I'm wearing my American Flag ones today. With short denim shorts and an American Flag shirt with a denim vest.

"Hey Kat!" I looked behind me when a guy in my grade shoved me forward. I screamed and toppled onto the floor.

"What the heck?!" I grabbed the water fountain to pull myself up. A group of laughing teens stood in front of me, pointing. 

I clenched my fist and walked up to Emily, who was standing in front. I lifted my hand and punched her jaw. 

"What the heck, Kat?" She screeched.

"Thats for making me slip. Don't screw up AGAIN." I growled and slung my bag over my shoulder, sashaying out of the school and into my car.

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