I'm Amelia, and i'm a fashion designer. Well, almost. I'm in the fashion industry. Anyway, there's a band called 'One Direction' who's recently made it in the music world. So, I went to the launch party, and I think it's fair to say things pretty much launched from there, into a whole new life, maybe including our new friends..One Direction.


6. The Boys

Daisy was being so unsociable this evening, tapping away at her phone as usual. I looked at her until she looked up. 'Harry?' I asked. She nodded..almost embarrassed. ' you like him?' I asked her. I know they've only known each other for a few weeks but I feel like when you're a girl, it's your duty to find out if your best friend likes a guy. She hesitated for a moment and then replied with 'Yes, but only friends' I rolled my eyes. Typical answer. 'Megan blatantly likes Louis though' She laughed. I nodded in agreement. 'What about you and Niall huh? Do you like him?' She teased me. 'Of course, but we're only friends and I don't want to rush into anything at the moment because I do only like him as a close friend' I replied. 'Ooh, a close friend!' Daisy laughed as I threw a pillow at her. 


The next day we all had a lazy day. We were all in the kitchen having breakfast, talking about Megan's date.'So it went well yes?' Daisy asked. She nodded with a big grin. 'Anything happen?You know..anything romantic?' I teased her. 'Well..' She started. Me and Daisy gasped as we leant in a bit, eager to find out more. 'Well, at the end of the night, when he dropped me off, I got out the car and so did he and we kind of kissed..'She said with a smile. 'Awh, that's so cute!' I squealed. 'And we're seeing each other' She finished. We were all like schoolgirls, all excited for Megan. So she was casually dating Louis, that was good. I knew that she didn't put herself in serious relationships unless she really liked a guy. 

I texted Louis a while after saying 'Hope you had a nice time with your new girl last night ;) get in there lou x' I laughed at myself, teasing him like he normally teases me. He replied with a sarky comment as usual and I couldn't be bothered to reply. I had a shower and got dressed in leggings, a big, oversized dark green t-shirt with a chunky necklace and my Nike blazers. I left my hair naturally wavy and applied some natural makeup. We left to go to the boys at 6pm. 

'Hey!' I greeted them with a smile, as did Megan and Daisy. I heard a lot of mixed greetings back. We all sat in the living room, Harry, Daisy me and Niall on one sofa, Louis and Megan on a separate small one, and Zayn and Liam sharing another one. To be honest, I wasn't really paying much attention to film, I was thinking about Niall. I know that sounds really cringey and weird but I don't know what it was. My mind was just focused on him. Did I fancy him or something? I wouldn't be suprised. Niall's sweet, funny and gorgeous. I was trying to make up my mind and sort out my thoughts when I realized the film had ended and everyone had gone to sleep apart from Niall, and Louis and Megan had disappeared. I looked to my right to see Daisy was asleep with her head resting on Harry's shoulder and his head on top of hers. Zayn was sprawled on the sofa and Liam was on the floor asleep. Louis and Megan had obviously gone for some 'private time'. 'I should probably get home' I mumbled as I got up. I assumed one of the boys would give Megan and Daisy a lift back tonight seeing as we had work tomorrow. 

Niall walked me to the door. 'You can stay if you want?' He asked me. 'No it's okay, I have work tomorrow anyway' I replied with a frown. We stood awkwardly for a moment kind of looking at each other. It's never been awkward between me and Niall but for some reason I was feeling the awkwardness. He started to lean closer to me and for a moment I did the same before I sighed and pulled my head back. 'Sorry' I whispered. 'It's okay' He replied as he pulled me into a hug which made the situation more comfortable and not awkward anymore. 'I'll see you soon' He said as I walked out the house and into my car.


Once I was home I laid in my bed very confused. I knew I liked Niall. But I don't know what was stopping me from admitting it. I felt like I needed to tell someone because the more I thought about it, the more I liked Niall. I heard Daisy and Megan come in. 'You like him!' I heard Megan tease Daisy. 'Daisy and Harry sitting in a tr-' Megan started to sing before Daisy cut her off with a rude remark. They both came and poked their head round my door. 'Hey' I laughed. They came and sat on my bed. 'Where did you go missy?'I pointed a finger at Megan. She blushed. 'We were just in Louis' bedroom' She said. 'Ooohhh!' Daisy said. 'No no no! We just..cuddled' She smiled as me and Daisy made 'ahh' sounds. 

We talked for a while and then I couldn't resist anymore. I had to tell them. 'Guys, I really like Niall, as in..really like him' I blurted out. They both stared at me for a second. 'Well it's kind of obvious!' Megan threw her hands in the air. 'Yeah, and he so likes you too!' Daisy grinned. I shook my head in disagreement. We talked about it a bit more until they left and I went to sleep.

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