I'm Amelia, and i'm a fashion designer. Well, almost. I'm in the fashion industry. Anyway, there's a band called 'One Direction' who's recently made it in the music world. So, I went to the launch party, and I think it's fair to say things pretty much launched from there, into a whole new life, maybe including our new friends..One Direction.


10. Taking it slow

The next day, I literally did nothing apart from lounge around in my pyjamas the whole day. It was weird not having work, I was so bored without it. After dinner, I got into bed with my laptop and a cup of tea, relaxed. My phone vibrated and it was Niall asking if I wanted to skype. 


'Heyyy!' He smiled as his face popped up on the screen. I giggled at him and shuffled about a bit.  'Are you in bed? Lazy Amelia!' He joked. Obviously he was being quite loud as Louis popped up on the screen next to him. 'Hello!' He said. 'Hi Lou' I replied, waving to him. I heard the others call out a 'hi'.  'Where's Zayn? I haven't seen him in ages!' I asked Niall. 'Oh he's been with Perrie for a week or so now' He answered. 'Ohh' I nodded.

We skyped for another hour or so before I said goodbye and went to sleep.


The next day, I got up and had a shower making myself look presentable as I was meeting Niall again today at a little cafe down the road. I drove there at 12 and yet again, he was already sitting at a table. 'Hi' I grinned as I sat down. 'Hey!' He said as he played with the corner of the menu. 'So the boys and I are going out tonight, and we wondered if you, Megan and Daisy would like to come as well?' He asked eagerly. I accepted the offer, as I thought it would be nice to get out. We had our little coffee date, and then Niall had to get back to work so I went home, getting ready for Liam to pick us all up at 7.


'What am I going to wear?!' Daisy cried as she threw things out of her wardrobe. Normally it was me acting like this, so it was obvious Daisy wanted to impress someone. *cough cough* Harry.

I ended up choosing a simple black tight dress with some leopard print heels to make it a bit more colourful. I curled my hair loosely and applied makeup. I was the first ready for once and I waited in the living room for the others.



Hi guys! Sorry this chapters boring but i'll make sure the next one is really exciting okay? :D x

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