I'm Amelia, and i'm a fashion designer. Well, almost. I'm in the fashion industry. Anyway, there's a band called 'One Direction' who's recently made it in the music world. So, I went to the launch party, and I think it's fair to say things pretty much launched from there, into a whole new life, maybe including our new friends..One Direction.


13. Moving on

I spent the whole day at the boy's before me, Daisy and Megan went home. 'I can't believe we have work tomorrow' Megan groaned at Daisy. I smiled secretly a little bit to myself. I suppose having endless lay-ins wasn't too bad. I still needed a job though. I had enough money but I didn't want to risk it. 

I spent the next week not doing a lot. I saw Niall and the boys and Daisy and Megan obviously. I just had a boring week. It was the start of summer soon and I was so excited. It was the end of May and you could feel spring coming to an end and summer coming. I was starting to get bored of my lifestyle now, weeks and weeks were going by and I wasn't actually doing anything.


My phone rang as I was sitting watching tv with Daisy and Megan. It was Niall. I got up and went to my room before answering it. 'Hello?' I said softly. 'Hey' He replied. 'Are you okay?' I asked him. 'Yeah, I just missed you I guess' He sighed. My heart literally melted. He missed me. That's probably the cutest thing anyone's ever said to me. 'I miss you too, I haven't seen you in a while' I said. I had seen him loads of times but only for quick afternoons. I hadn't had a day with him in a while. 'Come round tomorrow! The boys are out I think, so we can have to house to ourselves!' He asked me eagerly. I laughed at the way he said the last sentence, as if we were going to have sex or something. 'Oh my god, I didn't mean it in that way!'  He laughed. 'Yeah i'll come round tomorrow then' I replied. 'Be there early morning!' He said. 'I willlll' I giggled, dragging out the word. 'Okay, bye Amelia I lo-' I heard him say then he stopped and awkwardly coughed. 'What?' I asked. Was he going to say he loved me?! There's no way, I know we had known each other for a long time now but we weren't even officially boyfriend and girlfriend. 'N-nothing, i'll see you tomorrow babe!' He quickly said before hanging up. I was left feeling a bit confused but I didn't dwell on it.


The next day I went over to the boy's house and sure enough Niall was home alone. We got a duvet and snuggled on the sofa watching films all day. 

'Louis' will not stop talking about Megan' Niall said. We were talking about the others. 'Bless him! Well seeing as they are boyfriend and girlfriend, i'm not surprised' I replied. Louis had asked Megan to be his girlfriend a while back now. 'How's Liam and Zayn with their ladies?' I winked making Niall laugh. 'They're good actually, the girls are lovely but so busy all the time!' He said. 'What about Harry?' I asked. Niall shrugged. 'Well I don't think he's looking for a relationship right now, but him and Daisy are basically best friends now! I thought they were something more but they're not' He explained. I nodded, we all though something was going on between Daisy and Harry but they were honestly just bestfriends. 

'I'm not very good at all that romantic stuff' Niall mumbled shyly. I giggled at him. 'Aw Niall, I bet you are' I told him. He shuffled around so we were both sitting up facing each other but I was sitting inbetween his legs.

'Well..the truth is Amelia..erm..I really like you. A lot. A-and I was wondering if maybe you wanted to be my..girlfriend?' He managed to stutter the words out, looking me in the eyes nervously. I was shocked..but happy. I hesitated for a moment before smiling at him, taking his hands and whispering 'Yes'. He grinned at me as he leaned in and kissed me.

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