I'm Amelia, and i'm a fashion designer. Well, almost. I'm in the fashion industry. Anyway, there's a band called 'One Direction' who's recently made it in the music world. So, I went to the launch party, and I think it's fair to say things pretty much launched from there, into a whole new life, maybe including our new friends..One Direction.


5. Meeting again


'Can I call you?'

I read the text that I had just received from Niall. It had been a week and a bit since the party and i'd been texting and calling Niall nonstop. I had also been texting Louis and the others a little bit. I liked Louis, we had a bond which kind of felt like brother and sister. Obviously we'd only met them once and been texting so I was probably just overthinking things in my female mind. I discovered that Daisy was getting cosy with Harry when I caught her on the phone to him, and she also went out to meet him the other day.

I was sat on my bed in my pyjama shorts and a jumper on my laptop. It was a sunday night and to be honest, I was quite bored so I accepted Niall's offer of a phonecall. Naturally, my phone started ringing and Niall's name flashed up on the screen. My thumb hovered over the green answer button before firmly pressing it. 'Hello?' I said. 'Hey!' I heard Niall's familiar voice on the other end. I smiled as I listened to him speak. He babbled on a bit about random things and I listened to him contently. 'Hey, Amelia?' He said after a while. 'Yeah?' I replied. 'Do you wanna get a coffee or something tomorrow at lunch?' He asked. I could hear him holding his breath. 'Yeah sure, Starbucks?' I replied casually. 'Yeah, sounds good!' He said. 'Okay, well I have to go now' I said quietly, knowing that Daisy and Megan were probably asleep. 'Okay, see you tomorrow at 12?' He confirmed. I nodded pointlessly, knowing he couldn't even see me. 'Yeah, see you then' I replied. 'Night Amelia' He said sweetly. 'Goodnight Niall' I replied before pressing the red button. I liked talking to Niall and seeing Niall, because it made me feel so relaxed and it was nice and casual. Whenever we talked we were never stuck for conversation and nothing was ever awkward or pressured. I turned my laptop off and got into bed. I turned my light off and was about to put my phone on the table when it buzzed again. I sighed picking it up and reading the text. 

From: Louis

'Have fun with Niall tomorrow ;) cheeky girl x'

I rolled my eyes and tapped away at the screen. 

To: Louis

'How did you know so soon? haha cheeky lou x'

From: Louis

'Well Niall seems pretty excited about your little starbucks date he's told all of us x'

I frowned confused. It wasn't a date.

To: Louis

'It's not a date! go to sleep louis x' 

I finally replied and put my phone on the side, not replying to any further texts as I fell asleep slowly.


The sound of my alarm at half 6 was depressing. It was Monday morning and I had work. I only worked on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays so it wasn't too bad. Same for Daisy and Megan. I got up, showered and did my daily routine before going to complete a usual day at work. 

At 12 I asked to have my hours lunch break early, as I quickly drove 5 minutes down the road to Starbucks. I saw Niall sitting at a little window table in the corner. Probably so he wouldn't be seen my many people. I ordered my drink and then went to sit with him. 'Hey!' I smiled as I sat in the seat opposite him. 'Heeey' He replied, dragging out his greeting. I laughed at his weird ways and took my coat off. 'So how have you been?' He asked. I replied and soon enough we were deep in conversation. 'How are the boys?' I asked. He nodded as he sipped his drink before replying. 'Yeah they're good, I haven't really seen Liam a lot because Danielle's ill but the rest are fine' He explained. I nodded, remembering Liam telling me about his girlfriend and Zayn's girlfriend Perrie. 'Daisy's been talking to Harry nonstop' I laughed. 'So THAT'S who he's been texting and meeting up with! He wouldn't tell any of us!' Niall exclaimed. 'Megan's been going out recently and i've heard on the phone to someone loads recently, but she won't admit who it is' I told Niall, in a hope he would know. He grinned sheepishly, and I knew that he knew. 'It's Louis' He burst out. I was a little bit shocked at first but then I smiled. It made sense actually. Even though she didn't make the best first impression at the boys' party, Louis took deep care of her. 'That's so cute!' I squealed. 

It was time for me to get back to work, and also Niall. 'Do you girls want to come round for movies and pizza or something tomorrow?' Niall asked shyly. 'Yeah sure!' I replied as we got up and started walking out of Starbucks. We were stood outside as we were about to say goodbye. 'I've had a lovely time' Niall suddenly said. I giggled at the way he said and nodded. 'Me too, we should do this more often!' I said. 'Definitively!' He said as he pulled me into a tight hug. We stood like that for a short moment or so, when a flash startled us both as we broke away. Paparazzi. 'Oh for fucksake' I heard Niall mumble under his breath as he quickly led me to my car. 'Sorry about that' He said, trying to block the window so I didn't get pictures taken of me. 'It's fine, i'll see you tomorrow' I smiled as he shut my door and I drove off.

I finished my day at work and drove home to see Megan and Daisy already home. I was a slow driver. 'Amelia!' I heard Daisy call me. She was curled up on the sofa watching t.v. What's up?' I asked as I collapsed on the sofa next to her. 'Look' she said firmly nodding her head in the direction of the tv. 

'Has One Direction's Niall Horan got a new girl?'

The presenter read out the headline as I gaped at the screen. A picture of me and Niall at Starbucks hugging popped up and I laughed in shock. 'How is that possible, I only saw him today! Things get around so quickly!' I exclaimed as my phone rung. Niall. 

'Amelia? I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for that to get-' Niall started blabbering away. 'Niall, it's fine honestly it's nothing bad!' I chuckled. He sighed. 'I know, i'm just sorry' He said. 'Well don't be okay? See you tomorrow' I said before hanging up. 'Tomorrow?' Megan walked in and asked. 'Oh yeah Niall said we could go round for movies and stuff tomorrow night?' I told the girls. The nodded in approval. I suddenly looked at Megan. 'Woah, you look all dressed up and pretty where are you going?' I winked at her laughing. She looked down and blushed. 'Louis' taking me out for dinner, that's who i've been meeting and talking to' She whispered. I tried to act like Niall hadn't spilled that to me earlier and me and Daisy we're all 'shocked'. 'Oh my god, have a good time!' Daisy said, as Louis' car pulled up and Megan tottered out. 

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