I'm Amelia, and i'm a fashion designer. Well, almost. I'm in the fashion industry. Anyway, there's a band called 'One Direction' who's recently made it in the music world. So, I went to the launch party, and I think it's fair to say things pretty much launched from there, into a whole new life, maybe including our new friends..One Direction.


1. Launch

'It's okay, just let it out Megan' I sighed, rubbing her back and she was leaning over the toilet being sick. 'Why am I doing this?' I quietly muttered to myself, knowing Megan wouldn't hear me in her state. I heard the door squeak open and I turned my head to see who was there. 'Need any help?' 


Right, sorry. Let's backtrack a little bit. My name's Amelia and i'm 17. I work as an assistant in Topshop's designing office in London. Basically, my boss Amanda tells everybody what to do, then there's the actual designers Dom, Sophie and Leonie. Then there's me, Daisy and Megan. We're PA's for Dom, Sophie and Leonie. It's not actually very exciting, I usually just check meetings and final designs and get coffee's for people all day. But hopefully i'll get to be at the top one day.

Anyway, now you know what I do. I live in London with Daisy and Megan. We all started as PA's and the same time and naturally became friends. Now, we're a tight-knit group of bestfriends who live together. I like to think i'm independant seeing as I live basically on my own. My mum and dad didn't really mind because they knew I wanted to persue my dreams and they didn't want to hold me back. There obviously still at home back in Essex, but they always float around the idea of them moving to Spain. I highly doubt that'll happen though. 


'Amelia you need to get up now!' I heard a very stern Daisy say to me. Daisy was the most responsible out of all of us. Don't get me wrong, us 3 know how to have a good time, but Daisy knows when to stop. Me and Megan need to kind of learn how to stop as well. Daisy had thick, voluminous straight black hair. She has hazel eyes, and very thick pencilled eyebrows. Seriously, her eyebrows actually scare me sometimes they look so sleek. She has really full lips and always has a thick layer of eyeliner on her top eyelid. I have no idea how she hasn't been picked out for modelling yet because she is honestly stunning. She'll get her chance though, I bet. 

'Come on Amelia!' She repeated herself as I rolled over sleepily groaning in my bed. 'Why? It's Saturday' I objected and  tried to snuggle back into my duvet. I felt a gust of cool air as my duvet was ripped off of me. 'Yes it's Saturday, and it's also One Direction's launch party tonight. We need to sort out our outfits, hair and makeup because these lads are obviously new in the music industry and we want to catch their eye and make a good impression okay?' Daisy stated. I laughed at how firm she was but I loved her for it. She often gave me the boost I needed to be able to do things. 'Well, what's the time?' I asked her. 'It's half 12, and we're leaving at 7' Daisy replied. I sighed and pulled myself out of bed. 'Is Megan up?' I asked rubbing my eyes as me and Daisy padded into the living room/kitchen. 'Yeah, she's in the shower' She replied. I nodded and sat at our breakfast bar. I loved our flat. When you open the front door, you're in a big living area with  1 big sofa, a little sofa and an arm chair. There's a rug and a coffee table with t.v opposite and around the corner there's the kitchen with a long breakfast bar attached. Then, if you walk back through the living area there's 3 steps and then a long corridor with 3 doors. They're our bedrooms with en-suites attached to each. It was pretty and tidy and we all loved it. 


'I have no idea what i'm going to wear tonight!' I groaned as I sat desperately on my carpeted floor staring at my wardrobe. Megan was sat on my bed painting her nails. I turned to watch her as she concentrated on her nails. She had long, straight, dirty blonde hair with big grey/green/blue eyes. She had perfect teeth and a beautiful smile. She had some freckles which always came out more in the summer and she was just really naturally pretty. 

'Why don't you wear that light pink dress you got the other day?' She suggested. I shook my head vigorously. 'The all black one with the belt?' She tried again. 'Oh god no' I quickly said. I paused. 'What about this?' I asked her as I held up a crushed velvet, black skater skirt with a fitted, cream lace crop top. She nodded with a massive smile. 'Yes! And borrow my black heels with the bows on them!' She offered excitedly. 'Okay! Thanks Meg' I smiled happily as I laid out my outfit.

I had a shower, and washed my hair. I got a grey, fluffy towel and wrapped it round me as I walked out into my bedroom and sat at my dressing table. I quickly blow-dried my hair and then put it up out of the way as I did my makeup. I applied the usual foundation, mascara, eyeliner and bronzer, but also focused on getting a slightly shimmery but matte smokey eyeshadow look. I took my hair down, set my hair in it's usual centre parting and began straightening my long brunette hair. I had brown eyes, nothing special. Some people had beautiful chocolate brown eyes but mine were just a dark, dull brown. Anyway, I finished my hair and pulled on my clothes. I rummaged a clutch out from my wardrobe and put my phone, my purse, my keys and a lipgloss in it. I spritzed on some perfume and trotted out the living room where Megan and Daisy where sitting. 'You look lovely!' I complimented them both. 'You too girl!' Megan said, as I laughed. 'Yeah, you do look gorgeous' Daisy grinned as I rolled my eyes in disagreement but smiled anyway. We got a cab to One Direction's house. 'They must be brave having it in their house' Megan said. We nodded in agreement. 'Well, I bet it'll be a good night!' Daisy said. The only reason we were invited was because they used some Topman clothes in a photoshoot or something and seeing as the designers couldn't go, we went in their place. The cab pulled to a halt and we climbed out paying the driver. I straighted my clothes and took a deep breath. 'Let's have a good night!' Megan grinned as she pulled our hands and led us inside.

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